Fast Food Essay Examples

Published: 2018-05-10
Fast Food Essay Examples
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Fast food diet research


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Fast foods have recently formed a significant portion of the diets especially in the developed countries. The consumers have indicated several benefits from the consumption of the foods. However, the medics have associated fast foods with significant health issues for the users. The writer will explore the benefits and the demerits of eating fast foods. The writer postulates that although the eating fast foods have associated cons especially about health, their merits exceed the demerits.

Pros and Cons of Eating Fast Foods

One of the benefits of eating fast foods is the availability and packages. Fast foods are available almost everywhere with the packaging allowing the users to eat them at the spot, while on transit, or when doing other things. The wide scope of the varieties of the fast foods has enabled different pricing for the commodities making them favorable to all people regardless of their economic statuses. In addition, the differential packaging has improved the cost of the fast foods making them affordable to the users.

The second benefit of eating fast foods is their artificial nature that allows specifications by ingredients. Fast foods are manufactured in a manner that allows standardization of the different ingredients and substances in the package. Thus, the amount of proteins, fats, vitamins, and such are standardized and accurate. This makes the consumers` of the foods plan about their daily consumption of different food substances such as fats and lipids. The standardization improves the use of the fast foods and their recommendations by the dietitians since they provide specific and known quantities of different food substances. Despite these benefits, eating fast foods has associated shortfalls, especially in the health implications.

Fast foods have been associated with critical life style and non-communicable diseases. The foods have been indicated to be highly processed and lacking the natural absorption into the bodies of the consumers. The manufactured products such as proteins and sugars bear a resemblance to the natural sugars and proteins but they are not exactly the same. Thus, consumption of these fast foods has been associated with conditions such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, heart diseases, among others. It has been indicated that fast foods high in sugar and fat content contribute significantly to heart disease and cancer. Fats foods high in fats and sugars have been directly associated with obesity to the users. Obesity has other associated health conditions such as limited mobility, heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, among others. In addition, obesity inhibits physical fitness and associated physical activity.


Fast foods have formed a major part of the diets especially for the people in the developed countries. However, despite their elaborate consumption, the foods have been associated with significant demerits. The fast foods have associated advantages in their availability, cost, friendly packaging, and standardization. However, the foods have shortfalls in being associated with lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, kidney failure and obesity, among others.


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The effects of eating fast food

Food can be simply defined as any substance taken into the mouth through the digestive system for purposes of building the body or giving out sufficient energy.Eating is the action of taking food down especially when its in the mouth through teeth action.Something that is eaten fast therefore is food than is being chewed at a rate more than normally taken,that is in a more vigorous speed compared to normal.

Eating fast has its advantages and disadvantages,one of the most first pros is getting done within a very short period of time and going to carry out another task.This helps one to save time as he finishes eating food within a very short time ending up utilizing the remaining time.Eating fast has its advantages and disadvantages,one of the most first pros is getting done within a very short period of time and going to carry out another task.This helps one to save time as he finishes eating food within a very short time ending up utilizing the remaining time.

Eating fast may also help in developing good digestive system with can withstand man diseases.Food eaten fast get digested efficiently and constantly and most of it ends up getting absorbed in the blood stream hence making one grow strong by building his tissues.Speed eaters are not necessarily overweight but they might experience other health problems such as reflux, indigestion ('heartburn'), and possibly even food poisoning. Some people are simply in a hurry to gobble down their ordinary sized meal and they get on with the day. It's when speed eaters regularly move on to eat ...

However,eating fast tends to have so many disadvantages,one of them that one may get chocked up easily especially when the food taken struggles to pass through his gullet,some of the food may enter his breathing system hence causing complications in breathing.This may lead even to death if the person does not get help with himself. Eating fast also may be a bad image,put yourself in a situation where you go with your father to a function and your father is used to eating fast,most of the people will end up looking at him in a very shocking manner.Eating fast though saves time,might be a disadvantage to the rest especially when the food available is small,the people available may end up getting dissatisfied and frustrated due to this bad eating habit.Generally therefore,eating food fast may cause not only shame but may also be a sine of lack of food or not being used to taking food,a sign of hunger unless one is in an eating competition.

Therefore to conclude,eating fast as much as it might have a few pros,its a very bad habit and may have more effects both to the person in question and the people around.Good table manners comprise smart eating,slowly and with good respect to the people around.Food is something that cannot vanish from the table,its eaten with some sense of discipline.People should exercise good table eating manners to avoid this bad things which may happen or the shame from eating food fast.

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