Free Essay Sample on Smartphones

Published: 2019-09-16
Free Essay Sample on Smartphones
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Smartphones have become commonplace in today's society with their users cutting across all age groups from the older to the younger generations. Their popularity can be attributed to their unique features such as the ability to perform advanced computations. Before smartphones were invented, other devices such as the regular mobile phones and PDA devices were commonly used. With time, the technology was combined, and that was when the concept of smartphones begun to take shape. The first prototype that was created by the IBM in 1992 incorporated many of the personal data assistance features. A more refined version of the phone called the Simon Person Communicator had the ability to receive calls, send emails and faxes was later created into the market in 1994 by the BellSouth company. The iPhone was first released into the market in January of 2007 and has significantly increased its market coverage over the years. Over the years, the defining factor for the success of smartphones has been their ability to run well and also the fact that they give access to other extended capabilities through third-party apps.

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The advent of smartphones, more so the iPhones, has signaled one of the most unmatched success stories in the history of technology. In just a short period, the smart mobile technology has managed to penetrate into the society, attending to the needs of subscribers from different age groups. According to Bundt (2010), the rate at which people have embraced the ownership of mobile phones has changed may be of the dimensions in our lives. Its impacts are felt beyond the aspect of communication because it extends to our sense of identity and also how we relate to other people. Though encounters via mobile phones offer a briefer physical interaction, the number of frequent contacts through text messages is very high. They provide a medium through which people can maintain constant touch with distant relatives or friends. Smartphones are also used to surf the internet and access the social media platforms. People are now able to check their emails, listen to music, play games, take pictures, check directions, watch youtube channels and also make video calls.

With the ever increasing number of smartphones being released into the market today, consumers have found themselves spoilt for choices. Some of the basic things that captivate consumers according to Versace (2013) include remarkable features and also cutting edge designs that make a phone comfortable to hold and also fit comfortably into ones pocket. The according to iPhones meet all these standards and what is even more appealing is their improved battery life, excellent screen resolution, great camera, plenty of storage space, fingerprint sensors and infrared remote control.

The desktops will be rendered obsolete in the near future. This is because they will have been overcome by the smartphones which have made information universally accessible. People will start getting accustomed to using their IPads when writing even long papers. This will mainly be attributed to the convenience with which people can conduct a research and send emails through their smartphones. With all the amazing features that come with the iPhones, it will be more practical to ditch a laptop for a more convenient gadget whose size only compares to the palm of ones hand. The whole smartphone phenomenon forms one of the best examples of the natural evolutionary processes in the field of technology that we should feel privileged to be a part.


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