Essay Sample on Abusing Children Cases

Published: 2018-04-05
Essay Sample on Abusing Children Cases
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Facts about child abuse

Child abuse is a horrendous crime that targets the vulnerable and least powerful members of the society. According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (2018) usually ends up with the child suffering deep and long-lasting wounds which may not only be physical, but also psychological. Unfortunately, in most cases, the burden of prevention of abuse is often left to these children whose ability to fend off an abuser who is typically an adult and more powerful is limited. It is therefore important to consider other means of prevention that can be implemented in the society to prevent or reduce cases of child abuse.

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One of the most significant steps in prevention of child abuse is improving one’s understanding of the facts surrounding this vice. By researching the topic on child abuse, one is able to educate themselves on the facts related to child abuse and the potential risks it is associated with. Additionally, one gains the ability to teach others of this problem, and thus increase the society’s awareness of this social problem. Thus, before taking any steps towards preventing child abuse, one needs to understand the realities of child abuse, and use it to make sound judgements instead of basing them on trust.

The second step towards preventing child abuse is minimizing the opportunities for abuse. In most cases, child abusers are usually adults with which they are familiar. They consist of people with whom the child or their family have come to trust and can be left alone with the child. It is, therefore, important that a child’s guardian use caution when leaving their children under other people’s supervision and always base their decisions on realities surrounding child abuse, and not their trust. For instance, one should prioritize leaving their children in group situations where they are less likely to be abused compared to leaving them alone with adults. Kids First Inc (2018) also suggested dropping in unexpectedly to check on your child. This would put off any tendencies the supervising adult may have of abusing the child as they would not be sure when the child’s guardian would show up. These steps effectively reduce the opportunities for child abuse, consequently protecting the children from potentially traumatic experiences.

Other steps one can use to prevent child abuse include teaching the children their rights, such that they can understand and be able to report any cases of violation. This is equivalent to arming them with knowledge to protect themselves and to speak up when they cannot trust the actions of an adult. One should also reflect on their own behavior as abuse is not only a physical act, but could also be an undeliberate act that harms the child psychologically. One should learn to be a nurturing child supervisor at all situations, and learn how to settle conflicts with and among children without hitting or yelling at them.

Finally, one should find and get involved in child support and prevention programs. Given that child abuse is a social problem, it would take the support of other members of the family and the society to curb the problem from the root.

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