Culture And Society Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-02
Culture And Society Essay Sample
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Society and culture in sociology

It is true that the way we perceive our environment makes us different. It is in line with the inspiration one derives from the association with our environment. It is of the essence to note that environment is the surrounding whereby the nature of surrounding will shape a person and their perception of the world and pother things. The implication in this is that he association between a person and the environment will arouse positive or negative aspects about life. The nature of environment could be friendly or unfriendly influencing a person perception toward the parties there in or life in general. For instance, if a person grew up in an environment where the police used to harass people for no important reason then such a person will develop a negative attitude toward police. The environment in this case terms as aspects surrounding a person consciously or subconsciously.

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Moreover, the way a person perceives his or her environment will determine whether they appreciate it the way it is or they are not happy with it. There are people who are conscious and are willing to make the environment better. These are people who are willing and striving to make life better for themselves and for others. For instance, in he course of history there are people who have worked hard into influencing people to take care for environment. These people who have positive attitude towards environment tend to spread he message that people owe the future generations a proper environment. It is an environment characterized by all forms of trees, wildlife, water catchment area maintained., rivers, streams and other natural aspects. These people strive in making the world better buy ensuring that while people have current needs in such things as timber, hey should responsibly use them. such a [person is different because he or she perceives he environment ass under control of man and hi responsibility to care for it for present and future generations. Also, people holding such perception are disappointed by the continued changing in climate as a result of green house emissions.

on the other hand, there are those who hold the perception that it is the responsibility of the environment to provide. The implication under this perception is ha people should take from the environment without giving back. These are people who do not care whether their activities are causing harm to the environment or not. There are such people who own industries and direct the waste materials from their factories into the rivers or ocean. hr ar others who are only concerned with cutting trees and getting the benefits without thinking about planting more tree. The aspect of care to both people and environment is shaped by how a [person perceives the environment. It is for this reason that a person will strive making life for other better while others will strive in meeting their selfish needs. There are people who are capable and willing to compensate people who work for them well because environment has shaped their character that way while others do the opposite.

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