Child Abuse Case Essay Examples

Published: 2018-04-04
Child Abuse Case Essay Examples
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Essay Sample #1 - What Is Child Abuse

Child abuse refers to subjecting children to activities and responsibilities that are only supposed to be undertaken by adults. It involves physical and emotional mistreatment and neglect of child's needs. Sexual abuse is also categorized as a form of child abuse. There are several children being abused owing to the fact that they have no one to take care of them and thus are vulnerable to these form of abuses.

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There are several ways through which child abuse can be prevented; first, each and every parent should be responsible and provide for their children with their basic needs to cushion them against the possibility of being exploited by other people. Secondly healthcare providers should be educated on how they can identify the signs and symptoms of child abuse so that they can take appropriate measures. Examples of these signs may include; physical marks on the body, child appearing unkempt, abdominal pain, child using sexual or inappropriate language that is no appropriate for their age.

schools should develop risk assessment tool that the teachers can use to identify children that are at risk of abuse. For example; students who are not given prepacked lunch, or increased absenteeism and children with parent of history child abuse. Such children ought to be placed in programs that can prevent them from abuse.

Thirdly, policies and judicial systems should be enacted and strengthened to come up with punitive measures against those found culpable of child abuse. These institutions should reinforce the rights of children. Governments should also provide free and universal primary education to ensure that all children have equal access to quality education to shape their future.

Parental training should be encouraged as this will help new parents understand their roles and also be educated on ow to discipline their children rather than using physical or emotional abuse as a form of punishment.

Provision of shelters for abused children. This will protect the children from repeated abuse and thus allow them to heal and grow in an upright manner as the society wants them to be. Home visitation programs should be advocated for so that the social workers or nurses can visit children in their homes to assess for any signs of abuse or any risk factors that can increase the probability of child abuse.

More employment opportunities should opened and more parents to take up these posts so that they can be economically stable and thus be in a position to take full responsibility of the needs of their children. Unemployed plays a bigger role in child neglect and thus it should be discouraged.

Gender violence is also a contributing factor towards child abuse and thus should discouraged too. some families prefer a certain gender to the other and hence end up discriminating against some particular sex thereby contributing to child abuse.

In conclusion; child abuse has devastating effects on the physical and cognitive well-being of the child and thus should be discouraged at all costs. Juvenile Judicial services should be made stronger and severe punishments instituted to deal strongly to anyone who abuses children.

Essay Sample #2 - Child Abuse Definition

Child abuse has become one of the most controversial subjects over the past decade. Despite the efforts that have been employed towards mitigating the seemingly increasing incidents of child abuse by adults, cases of the abuse have still been reported to be on an increasing trend. Child abuse can take numerous forms that include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Neglect is also considered as a form of child abuse. This essay provides a detailed analysis of the appropriate measures that should be undertaken to prevent child abuse by adults.

One of the most essay approaches that can be used in reducing the abuse of children is through minimizing the opportunity that could see the child get abused by an adult. Over the past decade, this approach has proved to be very pertinent is addressing the issue. Reducing or completely eliminating the chances of a child being abused is essential in mitigating the crisis. For instance, on identification that a given child is likely to be abused either sexually or even physical, alienating the child from the victim is imperative in reducing the chances of that child being abused. Despite the common perception about the approach, it still remains essential in the fight against child abuse.

Reporting cases of child abuse is also another approach that can be used to reduce the abuse. On identification of any instance of child abuse, reporting it to the relevant authority is imperative. Reporting the individuals involved in child abuse cases will not only help the abused children get their utmost justice but will also ensure that the victims pay for their actions. This will help reduce the common occurrences of the abuse.

Reporting cases of child abuse is also another approach that can be used to reduce the abuse. On identification of any instance of child abuse, reporting it to the relevant authority is imperative. Reporting the individuals involved in child abuse cases will not only help the abused children get their utmost justice but will also ensure that the victims pay for their actions. This will help reduce the common occurrences of the abuse.

Finally, introducing strict legal measures that will serve to protect children from the abuse is pertinent. Formulation of laws that ensure the general safety of children will not only help reduce the increased instances of child abuse but will ensure that fear is instilled in those individuals that may be of the idea to abuse them. In doing so, the children will be free from the various kinds of abuse that is often against their basic rights

Conclusively, child abuse is not only illegal but also against the basic rights of humanity. It is very essential to find remarkable approaches that can be used to reduce the cases of such criminal acts. However, according to this essay, identifying and eliminating the factors that subject the children to abuse is pertinent in an attempt to reduce child abuse. Likewise, formulation of strict measures against those that abuse children either sexually or emotionally is important in reducing the act.

Essay Sample #3 - Signs of Child Abuse

Children are being abused easily and one of them trusts easily. This has proved so as most of the atrocities committed to children are mete in the hands of people well known to them. They are less powerful and innocent minded something that makes them vulnerable and unable to protect themselves from adults. Thus a potential abuser ensures that they have gained the child’s trust and love before executing their evil deeds.

Thus, all parents ought to furnish themselves with the knowledge surrounding signs of abuse, risks involved and exactly how the abuse takes place. Below are important tips to help every parent or guardian.

1. As the old adage goes, charity begins at home. Every parent should use their actions as examples to teach children how to settle conflicts without shouting or fighting. As words, like actions do inflict very deep wounds. Talk about these things openly with your children. This helps to break the would be barriers and hence encourage them to open up as they know by this they aren’t disappointing their parents in any way, after all its their parents who initiated the discussion.

2. Educate the children. Children ought to be well acquitted with their rights. This way they will keep the abuser at bay.

3. It’s important to invest in prevention platforms where children are taken and interact with others as well as visiting homes.

4. Let them know what child abuse is and how to report it .

5. Discipline the children with caution lest by your actions they fall in the hands of the prey as one who helps.

6. Have sufficient time for your children. This way they will confide in you great and secretive matters that otherwise would have been hidden from you and any other person but only those close to them.

7. Know the signs and presentation of child abuse. E.g. seclusion, depression, unwarranted avoidance of a certain persona, changes in normal patterns like sleep and eating as well as playing, walking with wide open legs, sudden onset of being secretive. They are tell-tale signs of abuse, be it emotional, sexual or physical. You should easily tell these signs way before hand and be ready to combat them with caution and love lest you cause more damage.

8. Don’t let any case of abuse go unpunished, report to the necessary authorities. First give the child keen attention when they are reporting this and reassure them that what they are doing is the right thing and that they are not responsible whatsoever for what happened. This helps cushion the children, and warn other would be abusers of the consequences that would be faced in the event of child abuse. This includes all forms of abuse including maltreatment that children face while in the hands of maids or caregivers.

9. If you leave your child alone with an adult, drop unexpectedly once in a while when they least expect. Ensuring that you also monitor the use of internet by your child either on phone or on the computer. These have proved to be the best hunting grounds for pedophiles overtime.

Finally always find a relevant personal story to narrate to them which would be great if you as a parent were once a victim of abuse. This helps heal the deep sited wounds that might haunt the child in future if he or she feels that she’s alone in this.

Essay Sample #4 - School Bullying

Bullying prevails as one of the most undesirable behavioral problems affecting schools in all levels including the lower pre-school stages. In theory, it is possible to lessen, if not totally eradicate, the occurrence and effects of bullying by adopting a system of strategic actions partaken by the school and also by parents. Bullying is an intolerable act because it involves the practice of cruelty and reoccurring oppression on socially “powerless” students by their more controlling and apparently superior counterparts. To the oppressed, this act leaves scars of physical and psychological torment which affect a larger scale of the victim’s life both inside and outside the confines of school. Bullying assumes many forms and attributes, and in order to combatively address it, particularized strategies ought to be prepared in consideration of the nature of the victim, perpetrator, and the type of bullying.

To begin with, it is important that a school reserves a clear-cut definition of what actions qualify as bullying. Common misconceptions among students especially in the younger age bracket tend to confuse them into assuming that teasing is a form of bullying. Lee (2004) defines bullying, as characterized by students of different ages, as any action described either by: the nature of the outcome, outrageousness of the act, hurt and intent as primary objectives, and the extent to which other students consider the act to be preposterous. Teasing is done to provoke a victim or to annoy them, while bullying presents a clear imbalance of power which renders the victim defenseless. Actions such as threatening someone via social media or creating embarrassing scenarios about him or her also qualifies as bullying: cyberbullying. Understanding the scopes and limits of bullying is therefore important for a school.

In addressing bullying cases, it is important that the teacher or member of staff responsible for mediation be as nonjudgmental as possible. Placing “bully” labels on perpetrators may seem like a good way of punishing them, but this might have consequential outcomes in the long run. Such actions might lead to more bullying situations in the future instead of preventing them from reoccurring. The best approach would be to first establish the reason behind the bullying incidence by examining specific behavioral patterns in the perpetrator. Next, engaging the student and leading him or her to understand the effects of bullying on the victim is an important activity. This undertaking helps the perpetrator understand what activities are wrong, why they are wrong, and the consequences involved.

Schools need to set regulatory rules according to students’ ages so that simpler rules apply to younger students and vice versa. Such guidelines allow a classroom to desist as much as possible from bullying habits, and to provide clarified expectations for when the said rules are violated. Such guidelines promote respect among students, foster good and safe relationships, and promote student responsibility. Complementary to the rules of adherence, it would be industrious to reward the students that are at their best behavior, and also students that are known for notoriety but show signs of improved behavior. Using one-to-one approaches as opposed to public confrontation to deal with indecent student behavior also suffices as good mediatory practice. Engaging parents in rectifying child behavior (or healing the victim’s emotional state) is important in ensuring proper stewarding in all aspects of the child’s life. Open communication between parents, teachers, and students is a good starting point for such interventions.

Bullying is categorized as an indecent act characterized by an unfair infliction of intended hurt, emotional and physical distress or grievous acts that signify an act of imbalance of power. It is important to understand the scope of the definition of bullying to avoid wrong decision making that might disfavor the victim. Teachers and parents are at the forefront of addressing bullying by sanctioning the necessary rules and restrictions to children in school and at home. In addition to having rules that guide students toward decent behavior, it is also commendable to reward good conduct as a way of motivation for continued willpower. Handling bullying cases should be done in an impartial way that minimizes the likelihood of occurrence of the situation in future. Fostering good and open communication among parents, students, and teachers ensures absence of silent oppression and promotes responsible interactions among the students.


Lee, C. (2004). Preventing bullying in schools: A guide for teachers and other professionals. New York, NY: Sage.

Essay Sample #5 - Definition of Child Abuse

Child abuse involves a child’s patients' or caregiver's action or abstinence from responsibility resulting into physical injury, emotional damage, mortality or predisposes the child to any severe harm. Different forms of abuse exist in children. This could be physical abuse, parental neglect, and sexual defilement, exploitation of any form and abuse of an individual’s emotion.

Various measures can be implemented to prevent adults from abusing young ones. Adults should discipline children thoughtfully. Discipline shouldn’t be done by an adult when they are upset. Any form of discipline should be treated as a means of educating a child to be a better person. Adults should thus ensure they calm down before any discipline case is handled. Do not engage the child when the situation is tensed. Furthermore, alternatives like providing privileges for good behavior or giving time outs can help a child regain individual control.

Adults should also be observant of their own behavior. Actions by adults or even words they use could result to long lasting emotional wound on the children. Adults should learn the art of being nurturing. This will not only challenge other adults but also the young children, into shifting from the notion that conflicts are solved by yelling and spanking.

Societal support of prevention program is another step to prevent abuse by adults. In most instances interventions to abuse cases only occur after the damage has occured. If investment can be done in programs that could prevent such cases, then it would be much relieving. These actions could be counselling of the family, occasional home visits e.g. by a nurse who could give care to both parents and the newborns.

Reporting of a child abuse by adults is a remedy too. Witnesses to cases of abuse should report to their local child protection agencies or the closest police department in your region. Ensure to educate the victim of abuse that it’s the right thing that a case of abuse should be reported and should not feel offended by it. The victim should be aware that it is their responsibility to report any harm caused on them by any adult.

Investment should also be done on the kids. Community leaders should be called upon to support their parents and children. Those leaders in civil service should also provide an environment that is friendly to both the adults and their family. Legislators should also participate by making of laws that protect and improve the life of children.

It’s also important to note the signs of abuse. Physical injuries whose cannot be explained cannot be the only evidence of abuse. Observe for instances of depression, a child being intimidated by presence of a certain adult, abstinence by parents or caregivers in providing the basic support to a child, alteration of the normal sleeping routine by a child, poor hygiene, a child being secretive or developing hostility can be some of other signs of abuse. This are thus good indications that a child is experiencing family problems or neglect of some kind.

In conclusion, the approaches involved should thus be cohesive involving different facets in the society like authority, school, adults and children in general. Through this holistic way, child abuse can be prevented.

Essay Sample #6 - Children Abuse and Neglect

Adults have perpetrated abuse upon children; this can be attributed to various factors. By understanding why children are abused, we can then formulate plans to prevent the abuse. One factor is ignorance, adults that do not know what abuse entails may cause harm to children without intending, and the best way to handle this is by creating awareness through seminars and infomercials educating the public on what child abuse entails so that many may avoid it. Anger is another factor that leads to emotional and physical abuse. Loss of control of an adult's emotions may lead to them causing verbal, physical or secondary abuse of children. To tackle this, emotional management classes are needed and or possibly counseling so that one may be taught or guided on how to deal with anger. Governments need to provide adequate employment or create avenues for job creation since this leads to neglect as the parents are mostly out working in order to take care of bills ignoring their children need. Absenteeism by a parent also predisposes the children to abuse from outside parties since the security is absent. Investment in children's education also works to keep their abuse at bay since they are aware of the various ways they can be attacked and avoid or keep of situations, people, and places that may predispose them to the same. Education provided will also provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them not inflict abuse on children upon being adults. On matters sexual abuse. Perpetrators of sexual abuse should be under constant surveillance. Laws ought to be enacted, tough enough to keep sexual predators at bay, self-defense classes should be made available to willing children. Mentally ill persons should be under constant care and management so as not to inflict pain on children. Children already abused are at a danger of repeat abuse since they are at the risk they should be removed from the abuse context and placed in a different environment which is happier. A mentally unstable parent should not be allowed to keep their children, the children should be taken and raised in an environment conducive to healthy growth. These environments where children are relocated to should be vetted to ensure that the caregivers are not abusers and also sufficient care should be provided. Child abuse should be reported, historical records studied to determine what locations are predisposed to abusing children so that needed services can be deployed to deal with the situation. Hotlines should be set up so that children can report when they are threatened or feel in danger, the legal system should be tough on offenders and eliminate loopholes that offenders use to escape justice. Cyber monitoring should be efficient to prevent and catch those that deal in child trafficking, and the sale and distribution of child abuse merchandise. Cults have been and are breeding grounds for child offenders shrouding themselves under the protection of freedom of religion. Audits on all religious establishments should be carried out and made mandatory to ensure the practices are not infringing on the rights of minors.

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