Check the Interview with a Homeless Person in the Free Essay

Published: 2018-02-25
Check the Interview with a Homeless Person in the Free Essay
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Mr Tray (not his real name) has been seen in the neighbourhood for over three decades, but very few people understand where he lives or comes from. Many people have confirmed seeing the stated man early morning and late evening, but no detail about his family has been revealed to the public. While work remains the primary source of livelihood for many people, Tray has no formal employment. On several occasions, he works as a casual worker at a local store or trims fences as well as weed gardens in the neighbourhood. It can be confirmed that Mr Tray is a happy and extremely social person who interacts with people every time. Many people assumed that he had been a drug peddler for a long time and on several occasions, police have arrested him with no solid proof to this claim. Occasional, Gray drinks a bottle or two at a local pub and can be seen every weekend cheering his favourite football team on weekends. Having shared a word with Tray on several occasions, it was necessary to interview the guy and establish his lifestyle.


Mr Gray was subjected to an interview to find out more about his personal and public life that most people have failed to understand. The interview aimed at determining his family life, friends, work, home, likes and dislikes. The interview was organised and convened at the preferred time and location of the respondent. Mr Gray preferred the local pub as the venue for an interview with the condition that the interviewee provides a drink or two.

Response and discussion

During the interview, it was evident that a respondent is a happy man who feels at liberty to share personal life with friends. Gray was asked about his home and said that he has no specific place in town that he calls home. ‘I have lived in this town for many years, and this is my home, that street is my home, that verandah is my home, and even your garden is my home,’ Gray said. This provided enough evidence that he has been homeless for a very long time. Gary also stated that he faced a tough time living in the streets but later learnt to believe that this was his life to live.

Gray was asked about his friend and family and respondent in the unique fashion he loves, ‘you are my friend, you are my family.’ The respondent said that his family abandoned him about thirty-five years ago and that was the time when he lost all hope for life. Gray was a businessman who performed very well back then, but everything turned nasty after his wife betrayed him by swindling him. Gray was left without a home as his former wife moved on with his new lover. Then, Gray had no child, and he has remained childless till now. From the narration of the respondent, it is easy to establish that Gray is a man who has done all he had to overcome a depression caused over three decades ago. ‘I was a billionaire, very wealthy and philanthropic man, but love betrayed me, and the law shredded me to pieces,’ Gray narrated. According to Gray, his two parents died while he was in college and that forced him to drop out and venture to business. When asked about considering a business again the respondent stated that his life is very peaceful at the moment. While pointing at a lady from a distance, he said, ‘at least these friends of mine are now honest with me. I love it that way.’

Even in his state, Gray has done a lot to try and change life on the streets. Gray has made many friends and most street children refer to him as their father. Gray has managed to convince several street boys to go back to school during his thirty years in the streets. ‘I live on the street by choice, and I believe no man is destined to live here. I take them to school where they belong so that they can determine their future in a conscious way.’

The Respondent has no particular work but would consider any casual work to have food on the table. Gray said that he could never lack work to do and that means that he never sleeps hungry. ‘When I need work, I get one. I help people clean their homes; I sweep the streets, I wash cars, I help people transport luggage, I work at the stores, and that is work to me,’ Gray said. The respondent likes working a lot, drinks several bottles of beer every day and loves watching football at a local pub. Mr Gray dislikes a society that despises the street since he has learned that the streets have potential.


The interview was a success, and a lot of information was collected from the respondent, Mr Gray. The respondent has lived in the streets for over 30 years and has a noble heart. Mr Gray helps many street children change their lives and is a different person from what many people perceive.

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