Why Vending Machines Should be Allowed in Schools - Essay Example

Published: 2018-11-22
Why Vending Machines Should be Allowed in Schools - Essay Example
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Vending machines in schools

Vending machines are installations that automatically dispense food upon insertion of money and selection of the type of food or drink. Upon installation in schools, they benefit students by providing a reasonable, timely and convenient means of buying food and drinks. Also, they enhance the student's decision making ability and profit the campus through revenue generation. This paper highlights the benefits of vending machines in schools and concludes by informing why they should not be taken away.

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Firstly, these machines should be allowed in schools since they are user-friendly and convenient. Students may not concentrate fully in class in case of hunger. Vending machines come in handy providing a cheap and convenient source of snacks and drinks for those that miss their breakfast or those that do not carry food from home. Also, due to their availability in school, they save students the precious time as they would have to leave campus in search of food. This time could be utilized for other important things like revision, study groups and talking to teachers.

Development projects

Secondly, availability of these machines in schools teaches students on how to rank decisions from the significant ones to the less important. These machines dispense both healthy foods and those that contain high calories. Students have the chance to decide on whether to eat junk foods that may cause obesity or the healthy ones (Minaker & Storey, 2011). Also, they help them set their priorities right. A student who spends all his money on vending machines will lack money to do other important things. Consequently, such a student learns lessons on decision making from a young age. This early learning helps students in future decision making when they face real life situations requiring the making of logical choices.

Lastly, schools generate revenues from the sales made and such profit made could benefit the school through development projects to improve the welfare of the campus or purchase of supplies required.

In conclusion, the benefits of having vending machines outweigh the disadvantages since they enable students to concentrate in the campus by ensuring they are fed. Students also learn on decision making at an early age something that is helpful in their future. The profit made from sales could be used for improvements and to ensure sustainability of campuses.


Minaker,T L.T M., & Storey,T K.T E. (2011). Associations between the perceived presence of vending machines and food and beverage logos in schools and adolescentst diet and weight status.T Public Health Nutrition,T 14(8).

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