Free Essay Answering How Culture Affects Teaching and Learning

Published: 2017-07-10
Free Essay Answering How Culture Affects Teaching and Learning
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Culture has a lot of influence on a student's education. Culture doesn't just mean celebrations or festivities that are celebrated or the dresses the school wears, it has a bigger meaning, though both the clothes and the celebrations are important as well.

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Since a young age, me and my parents have been moving to different countries and I am happy to say that I have had the luck to experience many a different cultures in my school years. From personal experience, I can say that the culture of a place has certainly had a lot of impact on my education and my personality.

For one, I spend a lot of my elementary school years in Switzerland and I can say that their education system is a simple yet complicated one. They put out complicated questions and then help students find simple methods to solve these questions. Their culture is one that encourages students to participate in class while still respecting the teachers methods. My French abilities greatly improved in Switzerland. My love of reading developed there as well.

I spend a potion of my middle school years in India. I can certainly point out that they have a strict education system and focus greatly on studies. They have a theoretical approach to studies where students are encouraged to read and understand. Indian culture means to respect teachers and being quiet in class. Opinions may be voiced out but with utmost care and respect. I am greatly in debt to their education system for developing a competitive nature and a love of studies in me.

I spend the rest of my years in the United States. Theirs has been one of my favorite cultures and systems. Though India may have developed a love of studying in me, and Switzerland developed a love of reading in me, it was the US culture that encouraged me to try out sports. The US greatly focuses upon extracurricular activities and also developed a love for ballet and theatre in me. Their education system is a pretty simple one considered to the Indian education system. The US culture encourages students and teachers to respect each other and makes up a lively and fun place to learn.

Thus, I can certainly say that culture does have a great influence over a student`s education. I can also point out that culture has had a great impact on my personality. Indian culture taught me kindness and respect while the US culture taught me leadership and a friendly nature.

Culture greatly develops a student`s brain and views of the world. A child`s upbringing has a lot to do with their education because children act the way they are taught to act. A child who has been brought up in the Western culture might make a great leader and may be an amazing sport star, but might lack a bit of their education. A child brought up in Asian culture might be greatly successful when it comes to studies but might lack health or good communication skills.

This being said, every culture influences education and its students but not all students are affected by this. Some students break away from culture and do what they feel is right and thus I can`t speak for everyone when I say culture affects education but I believe I do speak for the majority.

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