Why I Want to Be an Engineer, Essay Sample

Published: 2018-05-04
Why I Want to Be an Engineer, Essay Sample
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Becoming an Engineer

My determination and dream of becoming an engineer were sparked ever since I was born. Individually I have been admiring how things work around the world, why the machines were designed to do what they do and how people came up with the idea that made all these possible. My desire and urge to learn how all the things operate around me explain why I have always hoped of being an engineer.

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Ever since I got into my senses, I have always loved watching movies, considerably one of my best hobbies. My preferred genre of movies ever since has been action films, among which I love those accrued to technology. Every time I watch my action movies I enjoy most the part where the actors improvise and create those powerful machines out of nothing. It has always put me in that situation of wanting to create such out of the simplest materials available, which is only possible through engineering.

My ambition as a career person is to have that profession that would not create boredom into my work. Most professions such as accounting create that boredom where people do one particular task for almost all of their career life. But with engineering, I can do almost every job different from my previous work.

Engineering Course In One of the Prestigious Universities

Ever since I came to understand what type of career I deserve and how I would like my workplace to be, I have always admired that kind of job which is diversified and where which allows me to meet new and different people all through my career life. That is more possible with engineering which does not require me to operate indoors but to walk places.

Therefore it is because of these reasons and much more that I would wish to enroll for my Bachelor in Engineering course in one of the prestigious universities. I have always believed that with knowledge in engineering, I can consider my career life complete.

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