Personal Experience Essay on Afghanistan

Published: 2019-05-28
Personal Experience Essay on Afghanistan
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There, I found people who helped me to go through my problem. In a little time spent there; I felt that my guilt wasnt very important and that my friend didnt blame me for my fault. I understood that I really couldnt save him. And I understood that there were more important things, than suffering from the guilt.

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After a couple of years, I returned from Afghanistan. I couldnt forget my friend, but I didnt felt guilty any more. The guilt left my heart. There was a memory about my friend in my soul. I started a new life: I found a job, I returned to collage. In some month I met a beautiful girl, in a cafe near my collage. We started have lunch together and talk about everything. Marry studied psychology, and when I told her the story about my friend, she asked me if she was allowed to write about my problem. I agreed and told her that I could help her. I started help her with her graduate work. We spent all evenings together. I didnt notice how I fell in love with her. I told her about my feelings and she said that she loved me too. We started dating, and sooner we got married. She got a master degree and became a professional psychologist. She started her practice; I finished collage and found a new better job. Each holiday we still spent together.

I was happy, and spent a lot of time with my beloved wife. Our son was born, in two years. And my life changed. It made our lives full of problems. Each day was full of events. We were watching how our son was growing, how he was studying the world. Five years passed, our son became an active boy and made a great success in sports among other children.

I stopped visiting my friends grave. My life became full and I didnt feel guilty no more. I decided to visit my friend for the last time, to say goodbye to my best friend. I didnt find the other close friend, but I found love and started to live for my family.

And now, standing near the grave of my best friend, I want to tell him about the last step I have done in memory of my friend. I named my son after my best friend. I washed away my guilt and now, I want to say goodbye. I must live for my family. I must act for their future. Goodbye my friend, you will always be in my heart.

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