Free Essay on the Importance of Vaccination

Published: 2018-12-12
Free Essay on the Importance of Vaccination
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Educate parents on the need for vaccination

Credibility: I am an employed License Practical Nurse and worked in the section of pediatrics for more than five years. I have had an opportunity to see parents and guardians that are reluctant to vaccinate, and those who are willing to.

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Thesis: I am a massive advocate of supervision of vaccines to all children in our community. My main aim is to substantiate the reason as to why the vaccines are of assistance in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of vaccines. I will also be glad to analyze some myths associated with vaccines. Vaccination is essential because of it saves life, shields future generations and saves the financial constraints and time.

Hook: what are the reasons of vaccinating our children? What are the dangers brought by these vaccines? Any myth associated with vaccines? Vaccination is critical since they put off various diseases associated with outbreaks. Such conditions include cowpox, smallpox, polio, and much more (Mayo Clinic. 2013). These are deadly diseases that may lead to body malfunction, altering of growth, and even causes death. Young children are vaccinated more often at their childhood stage because they are vulnerable at this point in life. This routine is approved and suggested by the Center Disease Control (Andre, Booy, Bock, Clemens, Datta at al. 2008).

Capture the Attention: vaccines help in the development of our young children to healthy adults who can promote the nation’s development. There are many cases of parents’ refusal of vaccinating their kids because of religion and myth related issues.

Sub sub-point: the vaccinations used include: IPV vaccine that is used to prevent Polio disease. DTaP vaccinates Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus diseases. Prevnar is used to inoculate thirteen various injuries of Pneumococcal that results in pneumonia disease in both children and even adults. Rotavirus vaccine is used to prevent infants from a serious intestinal Rotavirus that leads to harsh diarrhea and dehydration. Hib is used to vaccinate Haemophilus Influenza Type B that may result in death in children. Hepatitis A is used to prevent Hepatitis A infection (Centre for Disease Control 2015).

Sub sub-topic: MMR is used to vaccinate over Measles, Rubella, and Mumps. Varivax is vaccinated against the Varicella virus, which causes chickenpox. Menactra protects over hazardous meningococcal contamination mostly protected on teenagers. HPV is used to treat cervical cancer in females, penile cancer in males, and genital warts for both.

The transition between main points: Despite the fact that the diseases are very vital they can be easily prevented to avoid any harm. Some parents and guardians are discouraged with the side effects that the vaccines can cause.

Sub Sub-topic

Many of the vaccines cause moderate irritation during the injection period, and the outcome might result to moderate fever. A parent is advised to give the affected child either Tylenol or Motrin drugs. When using MMR and Varivax, a child might experience some rashes and fever because they are live vaccines that are used to weaken the virus. I typically advise parents that the rash will disappear after three weeks of immunization and the injected area is the only one affected. It might also cause some mild irritation to the child (Clarkson, Siktberg and Carlton 2008).

The transition between main points: what are the reasons for parents not accepting their children to be vaccinated?

Some beliefs or myths are being told about vaccines that they cause Autism (Bronfin, David. 2008). The information is well spread in the social media and among the people. The truth that has been researched and approved by medical expertise is that the vaccines do not cause autism. The confusion argues that the vaccines consist of a preservative called thimerosal. Some vaccines do not have the thimerasol preservative in them (Jamie Wilbur, 2013). Those children who are not vaccinated put other children in danger of being infected with dangerous diseases that lower their immune system.

The transition between main points: I argue the parents who do not vaccinate their children to start doing so because they speculations they have are not real.

Conclusion: At this point, I declare that it is the mandate of the parents and their doctor to make decisions on whether to vaccinate the children. I am very confident that my presentation has provided some perspectives on the advantages of vaccination and some controversies associated with this topic.


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