Scholarship Essay Sample to the National Health Service Corp

Published: 2018-05-03
Scholarship Essay Sample to the National Health Service Corp
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Primary Care Training

There are various ways through which I will be able to help the National Health Service Corps (NHSC), and one is to employ the vast experience that I have working with the underserved population to get access to healthcare with the view of improving the quality of healthcare in the population. Some of the ways which I will employ to contribute to the mission of the NHSC is to combine the vast experience that I have in training in primary care as a Physical Assistant, bilingual language skills, and experience that I have working as an addiction counselor treating underserved population. Such would help in reducing barriers to healthcare. First, the vast experience and training that I have in primary care as a Physical Assistant would enable me to provide the best medical care to the underserved population and help in the building of healthy communities.

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Additionally, being a certified addiction counselor enables me to work closely with the indigent population where I get the opportunity to know their plight and their needs. I can therefore be able to identify the challenges that people that suffer from substance abuse in addition to mental problems face and how to help on tackling their challenges. The several years of experience that I have is crucial in the fulfillment of mission of NHSC to improve living conditions of the indigent population and has therefore enabled me to gain skills of interacting with the impoverished people in the society and I am dedicated to ensure that I take part in the improvement of the living conditions of the population. My bilingual language skills would also prove to be a crucial factor and help me to interact well with the indigent population, in this regard, the skills would also make me the right candidate and to carry out operations of the NHSC effectively as it will enable me to alleviate the problem of language barrier when treating patients and teach them how to take care of themselves and improve their health conditions.

In this manner, the vast experience and training that I have would enable me to offer qualified treatment to the underserved population improve access to medical care. The bilingual language skills that I have would assist me to penetrate reach out to a higher percentage of the population and offer treatment to individuals that cannot access such due to the challenges of language barriers and lack of proper communication with the healthcare providers. Such is because I can communicate to people in their first languages which makes it easy for people to open up to their health challenges and make it easier for me to offer a higher quality medical care. Finally, the experience that I have working as an addiction counselor treating underserved population would enable me to identify the health challenges that underserved populations face and identify methods of treatment that I can use to combat such to help in building healthy communities.

Challanges In Accessing Healthcare Services

One of the activities in which I have engaged that would help me to work with the underserved populations is participating in the Buddhist Youth Group to feed the homeless. My participation in the Buddhist Youth Group enabled me to identify the plight of the homeless and the challenges they have in accessing healthcare services. Understanding challenges that the homeless face in their attempts to access healthcare would enable me to step up the effort of medical service providers to improve service provision to the underserved, and become an agent where I will participate in the delivery of medical services. Secondly, the fact that I live in the underserved community, and a user of the local healthcare clinics where indigent people receive services enable me to know the problems that the locals have in accessing medical care and causes of inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in the local medical clinics.

Being a certified counselor working with indigent or the homeless people has prepared me to offer quality healthcare to the underserved because it has helped me to gain required skills to provide quality services for the underserved as it has enabled to know how to offer treatment to such a population and skills required to provide quality healthcare. Finally, I have volunteered in a hospital in intensive care unit where I have gained the first-and experience on how to provide intensive care to the underserved population and improve the access to medical care to the population. In this regard, working as a volunteer has enabled me to acquire the necessary skills required to provide high-quality healthcare and to care for the underserved populations by giving the right forms of treatment that can help in the improvement of the health conditions of the population.

Right Experience In Health Clinics

I am very committed to pursuing a career in primary healthcare, and I will ensure that I pursue such a career by continuing to commit working at health clinics and help in the provision of services to the indigent populations. Working at health clinics will enable me to gain the right experience, expertise, and skills that are crucial for the improvement of knowledge that helps in improving living conditions of the population. Secondly, I elected to attend physician assistant school and that focus on preventive and primary care where I will gain skills on how to prevent opportunistic diseases among the underserved population. The same would also be an eye-opener where I will get introduced into my career path through getting exposed to the basic of primary healthcare and learn the basics of the same.

Third, I am committed to pursue a career in primary healthcare through my dedication to my career to working with the underserved where I will learn the challenges that they face in their attempts to access the right healthcare. I will also ensure that I identify crucial skills and knowledge that are required to provide access to healthcare to the underserved and offer the best quality healthcare to the population. Finally, I plan to take Spanish classes to expand my knowledge base on linguistics to enable me access higher numbers of the underserved populations in the society. In this regard, knowledge that I will gain from the Spanish classes would enable me to reach out to a bigger percentage of the underserved population to improve access to healthcare for the underserved.


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