Essay Example about National Health Policy

Published: 2022-07-15
Essay Example about National Health Policy
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The health of a population is so important to a country due to its economic significance. Countries develop health care policies to provide a guide in which health care services are provided within the country. According to the discussion in chapter twelve of McLaughlin and McLaughlin text, equitable access, efficiency, affordability and patient privacy are the core values that should be present in any country's health policy (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2015). Equitable access ensures that there is no discrimination in the provision of health services such that marginalized groups and the less privileged have equal opportunities of accessing quality healthcare. Efficiency relates to the quality of care provided in various federal and state health facilities. The services should be readily available to gather for emergencies while maintaining high levels of quality. Affordability ensures that quality services are provided at the minimum costs that can be afforded by a significant number of the population. Patient privacy touches on technological issues that put patient's data at risk of unauthorized access which could, in turn, result in psychological issues for the patients.

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Currently, the U.S. does not adequately meet the set of values discussed. Regarding equitable access, there is a need to address racial and ethnic discrimination that still exists in the society. The two forms of discrimination of found their way into the health industry. On the issue of efficiency, the government needs to invest more resources in facilitating the acquisition of modern technologies that matches those provided by private hospitals (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2015). The government needs to subsidize healthcare by further improving existing health policies to favor citizens earning a low income. Security issues on healthcare devices should be bolstered to deal with privacy issues associated with telemedicine.

In my opinion, the value of life is the ability to lead a simple, decent life that is void of suffering and inability to get what one desires. The ability desire to inspire other people and create a better environment is what life is all about. It is through this value that people can find solutions to existing problems in the society. The ability for one to continually impact the society by creating a just environment where others can thrive and improve is the real value of life. The Christian view of the value of life is best explained through biblical teachings of different times. The Bible provides a guide in which Christians are required to follow and would find the value of life. Life's value is dependent on one's ability to follow God's teaching with the hope of inheriting the next kingdom (Bourne, Crossfield & Nicholas, 2017). This compares to my opinion in that a Christian is required to touch the lives of others and bring them to God. The deeds of showing compassion and helping the needy allow Christians to find the true value of life on earth. The Chinese view on the value of life is focused on doing good for future generations. One is expected to focus their efforts and energy to improve their current environment for the benefit of future generations (Bourne, Crossfield & Nicholas, 2017). One is deemed to have had a valuable life if his or her actions left a legacy and an impact on the future. The decisions and personal desire to effect change is directly associated with the value of life. The Chinese Buddhist religion encourages this view which is different from our contemporary understanding of the value of life.


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