Skin Conditions: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-13
Skin Conditions: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment - Essay Sample
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There are so many skin conditions as per the moment that affects people daily. They each have different causes and treatments. Some of these skin conditions have similar signs and symptoms; thus, one can get a different diagnosis for what they are suffering from. The red spots or bumps on the skin are a common skin condition that has been given a different diagnosis based on how they look and feel (Marturana, 2019). The diagnosis will predict the kind of treatment to be given, which is usually derived from the cause of the condition (Ellis, 2019). What have doctors come up with about red bumps on the skin?

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Contact Dermatitis

The first and most common diagnosis is known as Contact dermatitis. This is mostly caused by allergens (Stoppler, 2019). This when the skin comes into contact with allergic materials such as flower pores. One develops a rash which is grows depending on the harshness of the allergen one is exposed to. Some of its signs include; itchiness, swelling, red bumps, and oozing blisters. This clearly can explain one of the conditions given in the picture based on its signs. The treatment of this condition depends on the cause of the reaction and also the signs that one has. Most of the treatments used are over the counter creams or antihistamines to counter the allergic reaction (Tavella, 2018).


Shingles are another skin condition that can match the picture given. This is a condition caused by a virus known as varicella-zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chickenpox. It is a rash with blisters that causes itching all over the body. It develops by starting with an itch that develops to a rash within 7 to 10 days (Tavella, 2018). The condition mainly occurs in adults as the virus comes up again after years of the chickenpox being suppressed. The treatments try and curb the signs that people have. Pain medication is used to reduce pain caused by rashes. Anti-itch creams are also used to avoid itching.

Cherry Angioma

Finally, there is Cherry angioma is another condition that could match the picture given. The red bumps on the skin, in this condition, are found everywhere on the body. It mostly occurs in people who are in their late twenties. It develops as a small, circular or oval red spot and is very raised on the skin. When they are rubbed or scratched, they bleed out. They have various treatments depending on how the spread and intensity of the condition is.


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