The American Imperialism Essay Example

Published: 2018-06-07
The American Imperialism Essay Example
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US Imperialism

AmericanImperialism involves controlling policies, practice or advocacy of extenders power, and dominion through directly acquisition of land or gaining political and economic control over others. Imperialism is considered as reprehensible because the dominant country benefits at the expense of the other country. The United States has been considered as one of the Imperialism countries because of its policy on international matters and its influence. Journals of Lewis and Clark Expedition (1814), focuses on the imperialism of United States under the leadership of President Thomas Jefferson.

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The article gives evidence that the United States was involved in imperialism during the 19th century. The article first explores when President Jefferson was serving as the minister of France. At that time, the minister was curious about western countries and how the United States can have interests in those countries. To facilitate his mission, the minister at first sent Revolutionary War hero George Rodgers Clark to explore the West (Lewis, & Clark, 1814). The war hero was mandated to find out a short way for communication between the United States and France. The war hero was also supposed to explore trans-Mississippi River which could act as a short route to western countries. Later when Jefferson rise to power, he influenced the purchase of Louisiana Territory. The territory was sold by French, whereby the primary reason for the United States purchasing the territory was to increase its influence globally.

To sum it up, the journal of Lewis and Clark explores the aspect of imperialism. In this case, the authors explore how the United States under the leadership of President Jefferson applied imperialism. At first, the leader constituted a team to explore western countries. Them the president negotiated the purchase of Louisiana from France.


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