Summary Essay Example

Published: 2018-09-10
Summary Essay Example
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How to Write a Summary Essay

A summary is a brief or a shortened version of a better reading. A review is not supposed to be long and not a redraft of the original piece of work. Writing a review involves one to use their words to convey the relevant and the main point details of the read article briefly. Review writing is all about the author intention to communicate, and its primary purpose is to provide the basic ideas of the original read article.

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In most instances, the main aim of the article is stated in the first paragraph or the introduction part, and the following sections contain the main subsidiary ideas. Therefore it’s always important to pay attention to the chapter keenly as this is where you have good chances of getting the thesis statement, in this case, if you find a thesis statement then it’s like getting the answer to everything in the article. In a situation that you can’t locate the thesis statement then you will have to try harder in figuring out that what the author of the article wants you to comprehend.

While writing your summary article, it’s always good to recognize the source, title and the author of the piece and give your reader an opportunity to know the part that you’re summarizing. To make a good summary of your article it’s important that you get the following points clearly. You have to make sure that you're using your words and the review is not long. One needs to refer to the original ideas of the article and not rewriting the main piece; you’re not supposed to give out your opinion about the topic discussed in the main section and lastly go with what, why, where, how and who queries in your head.

Creative Work Strategies

The explanation of the creative work the authors had in their heads while they were making it is what can be referred to as the author’s intents. In most situations, it ends up to be a matter of deliberation, but in most cases the understanding becomes apparent. In the situation where the author's aims don’t seem to reach the end product, it becomes a great query especially if one puts in consideration that the writers and can only be recognized by a small group of the fictions full spectators that may involve children and many casual fans than does to loyal information-chasers.

Execution has to be one of the central parts of the author’s objectives and strategy. Performance can be described as the absent connection between the outcomes and aspirations. It becomes to be one of the primary or main tasks of the author. This is because if he or she doesn’t get to know how to perform the all his determination as the author will tend to be less than the sum of his thoughts. Execution is not always about strategies; it should be a system and restraint. This has to be made into the author’s strategy, his customs, and ambitions. If authors fail to exercise and understand execution, it tends to disadvantage value of virtually everything that they have learned and written. In such a case, these authors are like building houses that don’t have the groundwork.

A reader response in most cases tends to ask the user to secure and examine their reaction to a reading. In this case, the user will be invited to discover the reason as to why the do disgust or like the reading; they have to come up with an explanation as to if they dislike or correspond with the author, criticize the text and explore the reading’s drive. In reader’s response, it’s always important to note that there is always no wrong or right answer. However, it’s important for them to explain and back their reactions distinctly.

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