Free Essay on Risk and Reward of Design-Build Method of Delivery

Published: 2019-11-05
Free Essay on Risk and Reward of Design-Build Method of Delivery
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Technically, with the continuous global changes In technology, and innovation, there is a great need for improving, replacing, and building of infrastructure through the application of limited resources and coming up with new solutions in meeting the demands of a growing market. Basically, there are many project delivery methods that have been used in the construction of both the horizontal and vertical construction projects. Some of the project delivery methods include the traditional Design-Bid build method, with the growth of another modern alternative method like CM-at- Risk, Design and Build, P3s, CM agency and integrated project delivery.

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Part 1

One of the best project alternative delivery methods in the construction sector is the design- build. In this case, the methods technically focus on delivering a project in which the construction and the design services are contracted through a single entity that is known as design-build contractor. Basically, design-build depends on a single point of obligation contract with a lot of risk being minimized for the project owner. To a project manager, it carries the best contractual remedies for the client, since the contractor will hold the responsibility for all works in the project (Hardin). Critically, Design-build wins to be well understood, widely applicable with clear roles for those who are involved, especially the contractor. Additionally, since this process is integrated, cost efficiencies can be achieved because the contractor owns the entire process to the end, regardless of the nature of the fault. Generally, this method can be at times disadvantageous since the absence of construction input into the project design, create high chances that are able to limit constructability and effectiveness of the design.

Part 2

Notably, a project manager have high chances of minimizing the risks and maximizing the rewards on the Design-build method; in this case, the project manager is able to implement the construction project in comprehensive design since a lot of people are not involved, it is at times compared to master builder. With this, the project manager is able to get and hire the best contractor who will deliver the best and a cheaper price and in the long run, and help in minimizing the risk involved.

Part 3

Critically, a collaborative strategy in ensuring that Design Build is successful is the existence of more cooperative and coordinative relationship rather than adversarial among the designer, the contractor, and the owner, this technically reduces the risk involved and provides competent delivery. As a project manager, Design-build considering the potential contractor and the owners, the owners can collaboratively work with the contractor in ensuring fairness in the decision-making process (Nederbrock). Additionally, professionalism as a strategy to ensure competency can be introduced in the early stage of design, where electrical, mechanical, structure and civil engineers are incorporated in the completion of technical specifications and structural drawings.

Part 4

Definitely, the allocation of risk associated with Design-build method differ from the allocation of risk of the traditional Design-Bid-Build in that in Design-Build, the project owner has little risk and most risk has been transferred to the contractor whereas in Design-Bid-Build, it involves three procedural project phase(the design, bid phase, and the design phase), with the three primary players that are the owner, designer and the owner to the contractor this in the long run make them share the risk involved (Allen).

Part 5

Finally, my educational experience has prepared me to manage and identify the risk and rewards of the alternative system, through comparing and identifying the type of relationship involved between the contractor and the owner, the time required, the potential risk involved and the legal requirements to manage the whole situation.

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