Free Essay. Definitions of deviant behavior

Published: 2023-03-29
Free Essay. Definitions of deviant behavior
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Deviant behaviors refer to the forms of behaviors that are not in conformance with social norms as well as values. In most cases, deviant behaviors are behaviors that can elicit negative responses. However, over the past fifty years, society's perception of some behaviors has changed such that the behaviors that were once considered deviants are no longer deviants behavers. A case in hand is sex among people of the same sex- homosexuality.

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One example of behavior that was considered deviant 50 years ago but conventional

Homosexuality in urban America was a deviant behavior over fifty tears agony. However, studies have confirmed that these behavers are normal because the deviants are wired that way. Crossdressing was also considered a form of deviant behaves but right now, it is a normal phenomenon as people have come to view it as a right to dress in a way and states have amended the constitution to accept homosexuality after accepting gay rights.

Why the behavior now considered normal?

Deviance is defined by morality and any behaves that are not morally right based on the societal perceptive are deviant. However, society's perception changes that are what deviant behaviors fist from being one or not being one because human societies are more subjective and are subject to change over time. based on the Structural Strain Theory, the cultural statures and social statures determines what is normal. It is the culture structures that privies the goals or standards in the society while the social stutters define the means to achieve those goals.

The changes in society have led to the acceptance of this once-deviant behavior.

Based on the Theory of Differential Association, people develop some behaviors out of interaction with others. As the gay people continued to socialize, hold gay pride, many people came to accept the gay people even as some of their role models came out of the closet. Society came to accept the gay people, and their homosexuality as norms, because the people who were considered deviants are the same people who lead normal lives Ans is not a lawbreaker. The changes in laws and normally made homosexuality a normal thing close to moral. In the end, society learned the values, attitudes, techniques, and motives for deviance to the point of accepting the behaviors.

One example of a behavior that was considered acceptable 50 years ago.

Over fifty years, slave ownership was considered normal over fifty years ago when the whites slave owner help the minority groups as slaves and even raped them. by then, this was normal because the society accepted slave ownership where slaves were property and could be used anyhow.

Why is the behavior now considered deviant?

This behavior is now considered a deviant behavior because it is against the c current or modern-day norms. The social structures have found such behaviors to be criminal behaviors and in most cases, slavery was a forcible act which was involuntary. Today, slavery is considered a departure from society's accepted standards where people's consent is sought. Based on the structural functionalism, deviance is a way by which a society can change over time. while it was normal to have slaves. Today, owning a slave is a form of deviance. Therefore, people do not want to own slaves today encase it is archaic. From the first white man to renounce the slave trade, the societies have adjusted to accommodate life without slaves.

The changes in society have led to the rejection of acceptable behavior.

Some of the changes in the city that have led to the rejection of the once acceptable behaviors are the amendment of laws. One law was amended especially the freedom and rights, many slave owners renounced their slaves to avoid being victimized. Secondly, racial segmentation which was once considered an acceptable behavior is today renounced by many white establishments (Maloku, 2020). Today, such behaviors are punishable by law.

Well-known deviant behavior that may be considered acceptable in the future. Currently, premarital sex is considered a deviant behavior just the way, alcoholism among the secondary school students may be considered deviant.

Why the behavior will be considered acceptable in the future.

With time, many laws are being created or amended that will see many people being able to engage in premarital sex. Once the majority change is reduced to 16 years, many teenagers will engage in premarital sex (Cernea, 2014). Many of current college students are pushing for better laws that allow them to engage in various activities. In time, society will conform to the current deviant behaves.

Well-known acceptable behavior exhibited today

Today, spending the whole day playing computer games is acceptable to many people. However, with time the impact of computer games on human psychology will be mapped and the research findings which lead to the criminalization of video games. The government will pass a law aimed at deterring people from engaging in the computer game (Browning, 2008). The future researchers will also be found corporal punishment in schools harmful to the boy's health and corporal punishment will be outlawed making it a deviant behaves in the future (Voss, 1969).

In conclusion, deviants' behaviors can be a result of conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion. Nevertheless, everyone has a free spirit and wheel to prevent the government from legalizing some abnormal activities. For now, homosexuality has been legalized making it acceptable for men to engage in sex between them. Society learns and conforms to these behaviors.


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