Free Essay with Q&A Concerning Organization Structure and Management

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay with Q&A Concerning Organization Structure and Management
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Explain five principles of designing a horizontal organization.

Coming up with an efficient horizontal organization is one of the best approaches that any leader within an organization can choose to implement. Besides, there are different principles that are associated with designing a horizontal organization. They include the following;

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Declaration of amnesty that is associated with the past events- horizontal organization design should normally start with self-reflection that can be easily be viewed to be corporate. Any individual should therefore try as much as possible to avoid taking part in any discussion that is associated with the advantages and disadvantages of the old organization, this should normally be done through a declaration of amnesty for the past events that are attached to the organization.

Fixing the structure last instead of giving it the first priority- the organization chart appears to be one of the most essential parameters that enhances communication within any organization. Structure should be the last thing to be designed within any organization, one should be focused about the capstone instead of the cornerstone of that sequence under certain conditions.

Make the most of top talent- to come up with a horizontal organization, there is the need to consider some of the technical skills that are possessed by some of the workers within the organization and also go as far as ensuring that all the organizational leaders are well equipped with an intention of fostering the entire collaboration that is required from those individuals who are below their ranks.

Focus on the issues that can be easily controlled- Horizontal organization requires the potential of staying focused on certain important issues that will be of benefit to the organization. Moreover, these issues should include a list of various parameters that are capable of holding back the organization.

Promotion of accountability- there is the need to come up with an efficient design of the organization so that different individuals can find it much easier to become accountable as far as their duties are concerned without any condition of being micromanaged.

Explain delegation, List 2 barriers to the delegation with a definition for each one.

This is the assignment that is associated with any kind of responsibility to another individual with an intention of performing certain types of activities. Moreover, there are normally various barrier that is associated with a delegation, they normally constitute of the following;

Lack of confidence among various employees-this is one of the most common reasons associated with delegation failure since some of the employees will not believe in themselves thereby losing the confidence of defending themselves under certain conditions.

Lack of time- lack of appropriate time to carry out most of the required processes is among the major problems being experienced with delegation activities.

A Cross-functional structure groups together activities related to outputs, such as the type of product or customer.

The intentional acts of influence to enhance or protect the self-interest of individuals or groups called?

Impression management

Following is Not a dimension of an organizational structure.

-Spans of control

Following is not an outcome


Following is a benefit of functional organizational structure (All above)

Save money



Functional divisional and strategic business unit and matrix organizations all have horizontal structures


How can we measure organizational effectiveness?

Organization's effectiveness can be measured through the implementation of two indicators;

Lagging indicators- they have the capability of measuring all the results that are associated with past activities within the organization.

Leading indicators- they normally have the potential of predicting the organization's performance. Besides, they measure all the actions which will affect the effectiveness of the organization in the near future.

List and explain any two types of organizational structures.

-Functional structure- is normally set up with an intention of grouping each part of an organization according to its specified purpose that is should perform.

Divisional structure- involves the separations of smaller organizations within any umbrella group so as to be able to cover various varieties of products.

Explain the five bases of power.

The five bases of power include the following;

-Referent power- it normally comes from the individual leaders within any organization. Thus, it involves the person of any individual that has the potential of attracting other followers.

-Legitimate power- this is a type of power that originates from the higher authority.

-Expert power- type of power that comes from a certain combination of expert skills.

-Reward power- the leader normally tries as much as possible to bring a sign of motivation to all the followers with an intention of scaling up their performance.

Coercive power- the ability to offer some form of punishments to other individuals.

As a Division head, Alice is implementing pay-for-performance plans and positive reinforcement programs at Emirates mall. Alice is attending to exploit which power?

-Reward power

Louis has developed a new product to improve gas mileage. She has formed a new venture but must outsource her marketing and distribution. Her firms have a ______ organizational structure.


There are _____generic influence tactics


Mechanistic organizations are flexible.


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