Statement of Purpose - Free Essay Examples

Published: 2018-08-15
Statement of Purpose - Free Essay Examples
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Theoretical Computer Science

Driven by purpose and interest, I have gained a lot of passion and the dynamic shift to embrace the immense popularity technology has gained over a period of years. This has changed how businesses are being conducted and various units of the interface in the market. My purpose of pursuing master's in computer science is driven by the growing need for developers to offer solutions to consumers in the market for effective interaction in the long run. This would be achieved by having real interfaces that connect users to, and this will, therefore, facilitate efficient business transactions. In addition to that, I would also wish to improve my understanding of the nuances of the Computer Science field, utilize the knowledge gained to further my opportunities for a lucrative career in Software optimally. Software development is a design activity with a going concern in the market. It’s not a diminishing profession, on the outlook for developers and programmers, it is quite good because they are always in demand to build and improve various functionalities inbuilt in the system. My desire remains to earn an MS degreein Computer Science and follow this up with a Ph.D. as well as a career in research, which would help other software developers. This would be made possible by creating a forum through cloud computing that would connect various multinationals to share ideas and interact freely My interests remain to help software developers in their endeavors, with my knowledge on Theoretical Computer Science. Precisely, I aspire to gain the knowledge in Design and Analysis of Algebraic and number theoretical algorithm and their application. I shall provide software developers with an algorithm system that utilizes the notion of background flow of information to carry out propagation process, with efficient use of worklists. I shall also work to prevent errors due to the distributed nature of computation

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My career goal is to incorporate the Internet of things (IOT) into individual lives, businesses, and the whole society. This will aid in the integration of various ventures such as health facilities, banking institutions, and other entrepreneurial ventures by allowing for communication between devices and multiple interfaces connected to users to monitor their daily activities. The results would be directed at saving on the energy usage through individual guidance by allowing devices make decisions. Big data and cloud computing in IOT domain would be my area of concentration. Focus will be drawn on cloud computing to offer the practical solution that will facilitate implementation of IOT service management and composition as well as applications that exploit the things or the data produced by them. The integration of cloud computing and big data will aid in the realization of a new convergence development where new opportunities arise for data aggregation. This will entail collecting, accessing, processing, visualizing, archiving, sharing, and searching large amounts of data, therefore, offering virtually unlimited low-cost on-demand storage capacity.

Learning of Computer Programming

Excellence is an outcome of hard work and efficient use of resources. During my working Tenure at JP Morgan Chase and Co, I was involved in developing a java based web application deployed on a cloud server that provides Operational user informational views and access to relevant tools and reports to make their activities more streamlined and efficient. Being part of the project helped me develop programming skills on real-life problems. I developed the capacity pick new skills and also learned various leadership skills that have enabled me through my interaction with various software developers. Moreover, through the avid reading of periodicals and journals like 'Network World,' I have sustained my interest in the field by being creative because functionalities of software are designed from scratch to suit their roles and functions meant. Unity is the strength, I am a good team player and have always advocated for a participative approach in solving problems. Teamwork enhances capacity building of an individual through a free exchange of ideas and opinions to appreciate value addition of every person and learn from diverse skills, expertise, experiences and immense potentials.

While pursuing my undergraduate I had a firm basis in Computer Programming in C++ and Java, Analysis of Algorithms and Design, Data Warehouse and Mining, Distributed Computing, and Computer Networks. I have attended various technical courses including Cloud Technology using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Core Java 7 / 8 Programming, Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop Developer, JPMorgan Chase Cyber Security Awareness, Java Spring: Spring Application and Oracle - SQL, PL/SQL and various others. Through the activities, I have gained much knowledge and exposure with lots of willingness to learn and improve on the various IT specs that will help on software development. The good establishment earned, has given me a greater motive to venture and find out more about Big Data and Cloud Computing

Android app development

I have various competent and successful undergraduate projects including building an online auction website. The web application gives users the opportunity to bid and sell products using HTML, CSS, JSP/Servlets, JavaScript, and MySQL. The online auction project holds various products on a website that effectively and effeciently serves sellers and bidders. The system is built to allow users to set up their products from bidders and auctions to register and bid for different products open for bidding. Moreover, I undertook my major undergraduate project involving building a Bluetooth controlled home appliance to gain a holistic understanding of internet over things. The application was designed to operate electrical loads using Android application device. This involved integrating household appliances to a control unit that can be exploited by an Android device with an Android OS upon a graphical user interface (GUI) based on touch screen application interfaced to the microcontroller. The Android Application Development and Integrated Circuit Design training played a central role towards the success of my project.

I have involved in various extra curriculum activities which have shaped me to be a better person. I was the technical head of Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) SPCE-SPIT Students Branch, Organized 'Nirmaan' which is the technical festival of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, State level Martial art player, National level football and State baseball playerParticipation in extra-curricular activities enabled me to develop skills of creating cohesion and unity, identify expectations from team members and to enhance commitments. Our victories created a sense of team among participants, which enables us to overcome uncertainty and improve corporation. Team leaders and member were committed to overcoming challenges in pursuit of solutions. Lastly, I acquired respect and openness to people, which are essential qualities of teamwork.

An adamant faculty showen by The Department website

I have resolved to take up my learning at the institution since it is reputable for its research facilities and computing resources. The Department website showed an adamant faculty involved in extensive research in the area of software development. The institution is the most ideal and efficient since it is also based on project learning this would bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals in software development by encouraging one to be independent-minded, creative, innovative and self-reliant. It is essential to find ways to solve a problem at hand as opposed to theories being given during the coursework which may not give one the actual reality of the various scenarios that takes place in the market. Project learning gives students a greater insight to develop other programming languages and software that would efficiently solve the problem and improve the current situation.

Giving back to the society has a positive social impact on the ongoing learners by identifying suitable development strategies that would help bridge the gap of unawareness in the society. I intend to bring in a strategic framework with a multifaceted set of activities linked up with development goals for diverse learning progression among learners, through mentorship programs. The continuing should always embrace the changes in the society by being techno savvy and achievers. They should always challenge every individual including their professors to learn and acquire negotiation and communication skills since developing software involves a lot of consultancy from the respective line managers to colleagues, coordination of efforts is a key towards achieving the set goals. I will also strive for peer learning to be instituted in learning institutions and having key professionals from various corporations such as Google, Facebook, and IBM to mentor students by giving reality checks and scenarios of the various software development programs being run in the market. The different prototypes being demonstrated would play a vital role in the economy by adding to the economy output with positive competition being observed in the market by having less marginal cost to the profession

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