Free Essay with a Case Study - Resume and Cover Letter

Published: 2022-02-21
Free Essay with a Case Study - Resume and Cover Letter
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In Patricia's letter, the introduction part of it highlights where she learned about the vacant position at A. L. Lambert Department Stores, Inc. However, she does not state the job position she is applying. Indicating the job position is crucial for her to show the employer that she understands the requirements of the job vacancy. This statement tells the employer that she is ready for the task and that she will address the challenges faced while in her job if recruited (Larkin, 2017). Also, Patricia does not state the reason why she is applying for the job at A. L. Lambert Department Stores, Inc., which is an opportunity she should have used to create an impression to the reader that she is thoughtfully making decisions, not just applying for any job vacancy (Dye, n.d.).

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Patricia has also included explanation her academic qualifications and experience, where she has given an outline of her educational milestone, the area of study she is pursuing, and the skills she has acquired throughout the course. She has narrated this information in a significant way such that the employer will get an impression of how she is qualified and fit for the position (Larkin, 2017). She has also sated about her work experience in the retail industry and volunteered organizations. The information sums up the positions she has held in the past and the effect they have on her professionalism, which is an excellent means of marketing her skills and competencies to her recruiters (Dye, n.d.).

Patricia's letter does not encourage her recruiters to contact her because she has not included an email address or telephone numbers, although she stated that the employer informs her to about how they can meet to discuss her qualifications. She also has not indicated that she is ready for an interview or something like that. Patricia ought to have indicated that on her letter together with an outline of any extra effort she can apply to facilitate her interview (Larkin, 2017). Since she has not given out contact information, she will not be contacted, and as a result, she misses the job (Dye, n.d.).

Patricia's resume has featured the essential parts that are needed in a resume. She writes the name of the university, and its location and the degree certificate is looking forward to getting from the institution. In the part of work experience, she has listed her previous experience in the profession in a way that strikes a balance between boast and selling herself short (Larkin, 2017). Also, she has identified the duties she was doing while on her past job, which reciprocates to the skills she developed on the job (Dowd, 2018).

Patricia has also listed down her skills nicely in her resume accordingly because they are relevant to the job she is applying. She gained these skills through volunteer work experience and extracurricular activities that relate to the job. From the resume, she has omitted the skills and interests that she would never use at work (Dowd, 2018).

Perhaps Patricia should format her resume in a better, exciting way. She ought to make her resume easy to read so that her recruiters do not strain to try to understand, and it should be concisely written. Since the resume is a marketing piece, it should be formatted in a formal manner that should lead to an interview (Larkin, 2017). Patricia needs to add more information about her; she should include gender, religion, marital status, and contact information. In case the recruiters wish to contact her, they would need a telephone number or email address (Dowd, 2018).


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