Free Paper on Choosing the Methodology

Published: 2022-06-16
Free Paper on Choosing the Methodology
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There are various methodologies applied in different researches based on their viability. They include their abilities to answer the research questions and rightfully address the proposed research objectives alongside shaping the hypotheses. In this case, the researchers have to conduct an insightful analysis of the research methodologies at their disposition before settling at the most appropriate ones. For the case of marketing, the research methods that can be applied in the analysis of the market and addressing the questions and objectives are varied, ranging from the use of questionnaires, surveying, conduction of interviews, and observing the consumer behavior; in trying to address the questions at hand. Their characteristics make the researchers settle at the most befitting research methodology specifically for their context. In particular, the researchers trying to fully cater for their researched plans of addressing their objectives and aims as well as answering the mentioned research questions that concern the luxury brands being sold online in e-stores and in e - retailing should use certain methodologies (WONG, Y.-M. 2017. P78). They include the use of content analysis and surveying because they have similar characteristics and thus the likelihood of bearing similar results with the methodologies used in two research undertakings recorded in journals online. They also have problems which are almost congruent thus seen as the most appropriate methodologies. Such methodologies are seen in the following articles; International Journal of Research in Marketing and the emerald insight (journal WONG, Y.-M. 2017. P57).

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First, the emerald insight journal uses the content analysis methodology in the solution of its research problems of finding the answers to its research questions as well as meeting its objectives. It is a journal recording the findings of a research conducted to determine the effectiveness of a mixed method design approach in marketing. In this case, its objectivities are more similar those in the research plan where research surrounding the behavior and satisfactory needs customers of luxury items sold online in through e - retailing and e-stores while at the same time being marketed through the social networks. In this case, a content analysis of 2,166 articles that were published between the years 2003 and 2009 indifferent journals are used in the determination of the most applicable method viable for marketing research (TAKHAR-LAIL, A et al. 2015. P89). It is a characteristic that applies to the methodology appropriate for the research plan at hand where the consumers of the brand luxury products are to be interviewed on the applicability and suitability of the online marketing and e-store selling of luxury products to them. Also, content analysis of the rate of flow of luxury stock in the past periods can be used to analyze the effectiveness of online stores in luxury goods' accessibility to consumers (Sendogduhet al. 2013. P54).

Additionally, the use of surveying methodology in International Journal of Research in marketing which was aimed at assessing the influence of marketing science tools and articles I the marketing practice have characteristics auguring well with the corresponding characteristics of surveying methodology in a research plan at hand concerning luxury brands' e - selling. In his case, there is the use of a sample number of individuals surveyed to determine the efficiency of marketing science tools in the entire population. In this regard, sample population is to be surveyed, customer portion, on the efficacy of online e-stores in serving their needs (Saunders, et al. 2012. P42). Also, there is the factoring in of a specified survey time frame, a characteristic resonating in the survey program at hand where time factor is important.

Cumulatively, the arrival at the research objectives and due answers to research questions of the research plan at hand is met by the application of the methodologies; content analysis and surveying; reflected in the In emerald insight journal and the International Journal research in Marketing respectively. It is because such methodologies possess favorable characteristics for the research plan at hand's requirements.


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