Environment Essay Example: Acid Rain and the Effects on Fish and Water Quality

Published: 2019-10-07
Environment Essay Example: Acid Rain and the Effects on Fish and Water Quality
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The author of this excerpt has brought the main point of creativity in a succinct manner. One finds that people's sensitivity to animations varies from one individual to another. The uncanny is a tale which tries to give out the extent in which the technology has advanced to creating animations and videos games which relates very much to human beings. The writer perceives that these objects were developed in order to make people develop empathy as they live with one another in the society. Many people view it has a competition since most of these animations are relatively prettier than the real human being and therefore, feeling of insecurity and jealousy is observed among them. Many authors have researched on this issue and come up with their own perceptions. For instance, Dr .Angela Timwells who view it has the behavior of a human being in a computer. This author further argues that the main reason behind this book is the guidelines on how to overcome fear through exposure to many of these animations. This authenticity and realism of these characters to resemble man is very critical and gives one credit that evolution is still in process.

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The tale of uncanny has been related to subject which arouses a lot of fear in human beings. For instance, through examination of works of an author called Jentsch in medico-physiological literature, alludes these objectives have since developed a lot of power such that the real human being feels weak especially in the field of anesthetics. This uncanny is according to him is concerned with what frightening long time ago and have uneasy feeling to the current generation despite the fact that it is something outdated and long forgotten .uncanny are vied as beautiful and very appealing. The excerpt had an intention of making people to live in a friendly to these animations simply because it is all works of creativity of fellow human beings. Apart from this, some animations and videos on uncanny being frightening, some of them are of great entertain and very gorgeous and this instilled supremacy battle between the real human being to the virtual one due to envy. Regardless of this, many people are growing economically through production of uncanny since it sells very well in the global market. Additionally, they entertain people who have understood their importance on the planet earth. Most of the research done had the core aim of assessing the biological and the social origin of the uncanny valley and its results in the modern and computerized world we are living in most of the American literature scholars have associated this mysterious tales of horror as terrifying, obsessive and gruesome incursions which gives humanity unrest upon watching or listening anything about them

Analysis and evaluation

The two authors have brought out their different meanings about uncanny through distinct functions with each supporting its views. However, their statement has great discrepancies and also similarities. According to Angela, she views that uncanny are as a result of first growing technology and they are created and they are improved each day as the technology advances.to her, this animations were developed in the era of 21st century and have since dominated market worldwide with every program in social media or magazines having some sort of uncanny . Nevertheless, jentsch views that this uncanny existed long that time and they no longer have footage anywhere in these century. He views that its those events in the past which causes fear when they are shared as stories in this current generation.in the tales of Irving, Poe, and Hawthorne ,they stated that this animations are only stories which were developed to impart fear and evoke curses which made people to overlook on their behaviors. Despite of differences in statements concerning what and the existence of uncanny, these great minds of history and literature have all stands by the theme of fear portrayed by these objectives. According to them, people shun away when they hear of tales pertaining this animations. Additionally, most people were unease when they watched videos with uncanny animations without putting in consideration that it is only the progressive technology which is in action .the Language used in the excerpt is an historical one. This is because majority of the authors gave out their research based on the finding they collected from the field. The Dead Valley a book authored by Emma Francis Dawson's clearly show that all facts about uncanny are works of demon due to their feature of causing fear among those who hear the stories or watch their videos.


Many researchers have come up with different stories concerning this weird tale which according to my perception is not fulfilling and it is unjust since the chronologies have great discrepancies. I feel that adequate researcher is required to be carried out and presented in order to understand whether this uncanny existed before the 21st century or it only came into existence after the modernization of humanity.

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