Save the Ocean - Free Essay with The Presentation Analysis

Published: 2018-11-08
Save the Ocean - Free Essay with The Presentation Analysis
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What is the argument that this Prezi presents?

The Prezi is educative in nature as it argues that the ocean is not only water, but also comprises life, and power in that over 80% of the animals live in water, and the water is also responsible for the quality of life on earth by providing water, oxygen, and food. The ocean also provides more power as compared to the other water bodies such as rivers and this influences the development of landforms and landscapes. The ocean is the only unexplored ecosystem that is self-perpetuating.

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The Prezi has included pictures of a balanced ecosystem in the ocean that has both fauna and flora living in a self-sustaining system. The ocean is a major provider of life to both animals and plants in the ocean and those on land. This means that the ocean is supporting all forms of life.

What did using Prezi allow the creator of this argument to do that he would not have been able to do in a written format?

The creator of the Prezi used a dynamic picture that helps in reinforcing the message. The pictures of the fish, the water background, and the different life forms at the bottom of the ocean give one compelling reason to put more effort sin protecting and saving the ocean. By looking at the pictures in third, the audiences can easily identify with the life forms in the ocean and realize the need to save other ocean.

The creator has effectively used rhetorical strategies including pathos, ethos, and logos. The creator has appealed to emotion (pathos). The appeal to emotion by giving pictures of life forms in the ocean can elicit emotional responses as the audience come to sympathize with the animals that live in the ocean whose life would be threatened if the ocean is not saved.

Secondly, the author has also appealed to the audience by appealing to ethics or values. For example, the creator has argued that the water holds life and support life of animals and plants on land and in the ocean. Failing to save the animals in the ocean would also threaten the life of animals and plants on land. He also argues that the balance in the ocean life represents the perfection of nature as the animals in the ocean live in harmony.

Finally, the author has also used logos (logics) to explain the importance of saving the ocean. For example, he has provided statistically backed up facts about the life balance in the ocean. He has argued that there are hundred of new species that are discovered in the ocean each year. He also argues that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water.

The visual representation and presentation of the information are only intended to help reinforce the information communicated by the creator. However, the creator has intelligently applied the three rhetorical strategies of ethos, pathos, and logos to help convince the audiences to save the ocean. The main argument presented that the ocean supports life and should be saved. The objective is to not only create awareness but also inform the audiences and convince them about the potential benefit of saving the ocean.

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