Marxism Today Essay Example for Everyone's Use

Published: 2018-06-28
Marxism Today Essay Example for Everyone's Use
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Marxism in China

China has been noted as a promising emerging country with its competitiveness being acknowledged by world economic giants. Over the decades China has been developing Marxism has been an attractive option for its leaders. Deng Xiaoping instituted many reforms that would see the state engage in Marxism activities and decisions. There were numerous foreign investment made, joint ventures, as well as the development of state-owned enterprises, which saw an increase in the nation’s middle class (Booth, 2013). Technology was rapidly adopted whereas the industries experienced massive changes in their methods. The working class, however, were paid low wages. There were also quite some workers making it easier for them to be exploited. China was characterized by rural-urban migration, which ensured that the oversupply of labor in the rapidly growing cities maintained the low wages. Marxism is attractive due to its model of having the economy expand and grow regardless of the uneven socio-economic developments. Capitalism saw China's economy grow so rapidly (Khan, 2013). The leaders may find Marxism is attractive as a way to maintain the status quo of the leaders while it can still benefit the whole economy if the skilled labor in China continues to offer their services at low wages.

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Tocqueville would point out the challenges Marxism has brought on to China today. He would point out the need for liberty to be attained in China and not the pro-capitalist influential voices that continue to reign. Tocqueville would advise China to be more empathetic and sympathetic towards the disadvantaged. He would not fail to acknowledge China’s prowess in administration, which has led to efficient growth but would associate it with the lack of liberalism turning people into subjects rather than citizens. Tocqueville would still advocate for the government of China to be controlled by the learned aristocracy as to him it would allow solutions to be found on the current state of China's affairs (Liao, 2013).


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