Essay Example on Marketing an eBook

Published: 2018-03-22
Essay Example on Marketing an eBook
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The first thing in marketing an eBook is to ensure that the landing page is so attractive in a way that most paper tends to describe it as a killer page. The killer page will not only be appealing to those familiar with the eBook, but also potential customers. The page is important as a persuasion for willing buyers. However, other clients opt to visit the site and download the eBook, not having the opportunity to view the killer page, like those visiting blogs. Thus, it is essential to provide an alternative page to cater for them as they can act as marketers in addition to being customers.

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Moreover, one should also include Facebook ads as a way to market eBook. Social media is growing in regards to the number of people subscribing to it. It offers an extensive market and including it as a marketing tool will prove beneficial. Facebook is a platform for particular people, and thus, those that will be part of it or like the page will most certainly be the ones interested. Other tools like Facebook pixel tracking code enables one to reach particular target group like those visiting related post or blogs similar to the eBook. Thus, Facebook ads allow one to arrive at a specific target group that is either willing or can buy.

In addition to that, having blog posts to support eBook can be another effective way to market eBook. The blog serves the purpose of elaborating what the eBook entails. The other function of blogs is to persuade willing and potential customers to buy the eBook. Thus, the topic and content of the blog must have a relation to the eBook in regards to what the eBook entails.

Lastly but most importantly, developing an email for an interested party is another way to market eBook. The purpose of the email is to target existing customers or clients to establish trust and loyalty. By communicating with them, it enables one to attain confidence on the face of clients.

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