Learning Journal Entry, Free Essay

Published: 2018-06-27
Learning Journal Entry, Free Essay
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Team Leadership

There is always the need for any team leader to motivate his or her members for the best results. It is essential for any team leader to employ strategies that will aid in motivating the team members to focus on productivity and the needs of their working environment. As a student of team leadership, there are various concepts I gained from the motivation session. It is an integral part of any team that wants to succeed and for any team leader that wants the best output from the members.

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The session focused on how to motivate team members and the various kinds of motivation available for any team leader. These were constructive motivation and restrictive motivation. I learned that constructive motivation comes mainly through incentives and a working environment that the team enjoys. Therefore, the team will want to be engaged in the team activities thus giving the needed output. The team leader may offer rewards to members who seem to be reaching their targets or surpassing them. Such an incentive will encourage them to work more and the rest of the team to improve their productivity.

There is also restrictive motivation where team members have to give what is expected of them. In such instances, a team leader may employ disciplinary techniques for those who seem to be lagging behind. The team leader will spell out actions from members that will warrant disciplinary action, and therefore this will act as a motivation to work. I, therefore, learned that an effective team leader would need to employ the use of both types of motivation to ensure that he or she does not lose respect from the team but also maintains a positive working relation with every individual within the team.

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