Free Essay Describing Four Stages of Issue Maturity Scale

Published: 2019-04-08
Free Essay Describing Four Stages of Issue Maturity Scale
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There are certain scales that were created to aid in measuring the maturity of the societal issues including the expectations of the public concerning the issues. These stages include latent, emerging, consolidating, and institutionalized stages (Zadek, 2007). The stages are critical scales that aids in measuring societal issues of maturity and the general expectation of the public or the mass concerning the issues. Issues become absorbed, as they mature, into the professional mainstream debate and in the end, turns into practice. Immediately a popular stable company adopts certain unconventional practices and commitments concerning societal issues, the laggards of the society will have to follow the trend or risk facing the consequences.

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In the latent stage, the community activists and NGOs become aware and are enlightened on the societal issues, despite the feeble scientific and other source evidence. Here, the issues are dismissed or ignored at large by the corporate community. In the emerging stage, there exist media and the political awareness of the issues in the society (Goud, 2017). A research body emerges to investigate the issues, however, there is still weak data regarding the issues thus necessitating the leading corporate bodies to the approaches of tackling the emerging issues.

In the consolidation stage, a body of business practices emerges around the issue, seeks possible solutions by initiating and establishing issue based, and sector-wide voluntary and intentional initiatives. Moreover, there exist rising previews and litigations necessitating legislations leading to the development of voluntary standards characterized by the occurrence of collective actions. The last institutionalized stage is where business norms or ethics and legislations are established to guide the societal issues emerging. These embedded acts translate to become the excellence model or the normal part of the business community (Zadek, 2007).



Zadek, S. (2007). The path to corporate responsibility. In Corporate ethics and corporate governance (pp. 159-172). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

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