Free Essay Sample: Ethical Issues in Global Health

Published: 2022-07-11
Free Essay Sample: Ethical Issues in Global Health
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Ethics in the health sector is an evolving concept over the years. There is no reservation that every player in the health sector strives incessantly to improve their service delivery at the same time achieving patient gratification in the process. In the recent years, healthcare ethics has gradually advanced in stages (Tulchinsky & Varavikova, 2014). Technological progression and intense research works have led to the ever-dynamic nature of healthcare ethics today, hence the emergence of new ethical practices (Trotter-Mathison & Skovholt, 2014). The scope of health ethics has broadened and consists of quality checks and control, massive research and development and policy formulation and enactment. Over time debates arose concerning human rights protection and upholding patient's dignity (Jacobs, 2016).

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Ethics is firmly founded on convictions of culture accepted over time. Ethics stems its relevance from philosophical and religious backings. It is considered to be the ability to differentiate wrong from right undoubtedly. Healthcare ethics is built on the need to respect the fundamental right to receive health services.

Ethical dilemmas and Healthcare Inequalities.

A people divided by health inequalities poses ethical challenges for global healthcare. Responses to health disparities are founded on moral values about health and its distribution because ethical codes have the power to persuade outline principles and hold nations morally responsible. Formulation of theories of justice is essential to clearly define obligations and duties on players in the healthcare systems in curbing inequalities. Over the years, the biggest problem has been the lack of an ethical framework that addresses global health disparities. The moral principles authorized entailed the inherent value of health and equal respect for humanity, the importance of health and the need to help underprivileged groups (Congress, 2018).

Achieving Fair Distribution of Resources in Health Care

The field of global Health aims to achieve efficiency and optimization of health benefits with the scarce resources while not conceding equal distribution of resources. Equality and efficiency are jointly exclusive; it does not apply to the healthcare field. Therefore, use of cost-effectiveness as an efficiency measure and the drop-in cases of severe conditions and poverty as equity criteria in third-world countries.


Progressively, a lot of complex moral disputes in the present-day healthcare sector are on the rise. There have been immense efforts to address emerging moral issues on global healthcare community. Health is considered a global public product, equity, and quality as it upholds ethical values. Therefore it calls for joint efforts to see that ethical values and codes are observed in the delivery of healthcare services globally.


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