Free Essay with an Article Review Example

Published: 2017-10-20
Free Essay with an Article Review Example
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Article Relevance

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The article revolves around the idea as to why people are unhappy during certain times. The article is relevant to the issue of human development, in that the various efforts aimed at boosting happiness levels might be futile, mostly because persons are usually programmed to remain dissatisfied for a considerable part of their lives (McAndrew, 2016).

An aspect of Development Targeted

The aspect of the development that the article deals with is why people are not happy as they realize developments in life. This is mostly because happiness comprises of several things. For example, people experience various happiness forms, although they are not complementary. Certain happiness types might end up conflicting with others. This means that having excessive of one form of happiness might undermine the ability of people to have sufficient for other people. In this sense, it is not possible for individuals to have the distinct happiness forms in large quantities simultaneously (McAndrew, 2016).

Age Group Studies

The article targets individuals of all age groups, mostly because they usually have different issues that influence their happiness.

Who Carried out the Study?

Frank T McAndrew carried out the study. He serves as a professor as well as social psychologist Knox College.

Important Finding or Result

From the study, the vital finding I came across was that gaining a satisfying life through positive life undertakings, such as a good marriage and good career usually unfolds over long time. It demands notable efforts while avoiding hedonistic desires, such as going on trips or partying too much. Here, individuals are supposed to ensure that they refrain from diverse pleasures of life, while searching for friendships and relaxing days. When happiness in a particular life area increases, it usually declines in another one (McAndrew, 2016).

Recurring Issues

As for the article, it addresses a universal issue, happiness, which usually recurs in development of humans.

Four Forces of Human Development

Concerning the four forces that influence human development including psychological, biological, lifecycle, socio-cultural, it mostly revolves around happiness, which serves as a psychological aspect that influences the diverse issues that influence levels of happiness among human beings.


McAndrew, F. T. (2016). Don't try to be happy. We're programmed to be dissatisfied. Retrieved from

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