Free Essay about the Effects of Domestic Violence on Nurses

Published: 2018-02-09
Free Essay about the Effects of Domestic Violence on Nurses
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A Research Proposal on Psychological Impact of Domestic Violence on Nurses

According to Trevillion et al. (2014), domestic violence leading to the psychological effects on nurses can either be caused by one or both partners in a marriage setup. Many of the cases are whereby the offspring's end up suffering forcing one of the partners to quit the relationship. Domestic violence consists of various components of acts which include forms of abuse directed to the family members, child abuse as well as wife battering which has been common in many communities. Domestic violence may also be described as any form of unnecessary touch that is directed to a partner in a relationship with an intention of causing fear. Some of the partners go ahead causing severe harms to their colleagues. A number of cases have been experienced where nurses have been tortured hence suffering from psychological torture. This directly or indirectly affects the way in which they carry out their duties while in a hospital setup. Due to the increase in such cases, important measures need to be put into place to curb such behaviors and make those who are in charge of those behaviors to be accountable. This will also offer a stunning warning to such individuals who have a similar intention. According to from different research reports, globally over 50 percent of the nurses in marriage setup have been subjected to such violence (Trevillion et al., 2014). Hence this has become a national issue calling for maximum attention because it not only affects women economically, capacity for self-determination, social development but also on their psychological health will, in turn, affect the way they handle different situations. Not only a single act that is referred to as domestic violence but any other form of an act may be omission or commission will be considered as a domestic violence and the individual causing the same will be punished accordingly. Taking a good example in India, over 40 percent have been reported experiencing such cases, 56 percent are said to have poor health as a result of this, while 15 percent reported poor performance in health care setup. Looking at the nature and the type of duties that are associated with nurses, any form of unrest at home is said to affect how they carry out themselves at the workplace. Marital partners if any way tortures them psychologically leads to a decreased output in workplaces may it be hospitals or even clinics. In recent years, nurses have been proved to be the most people who suffer from the same since their marriage partners fail to understand the nature and the duties associated with their profession. The same nurses before they were subjected to such forms of domestic violence were said to have been performing their duties with ease offering better services to the victims (Nyame et al., 2013). Since this issue of domestic violence is a more sensitive issue, researchers will not be certain of whether they will be given the information or not.

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Problem of domestic violence

The psychological effects of domestic violence on nurses is a serious condition that needs to be looked at from a serious angle by both society and the government in general. In addition, families and the respective individual also have to be concerned in order to stop this issue in the coming years. As a result of the psychological torture to the nurses, this not only affects them in terms of performing their activities but also can even lead to death (Nyame et al., 2013). Psychological effects due to domestic violence are on the rise and clear measures have to be taken or the society has to prepare to receive poor services all over the world. According to Kalokhe et al. (2016), a report from UNICEF in India, nurses have been suffering psychologically over the past few years hence coming out to be a major problem of which needs to be addressed whatever the case. The relationship has to experience where one needs to be safe, have that trust to the individuals they love and always receive maximum companionship from them. To the nurses, this is an issue that has to be looked at keenly if in future such practices need to be done away with. Psychological effects can be directly be referred to some kind of a terror since it has far-reaching effects on the individuals, families and the society at large.

Domestic Violence Study

Once this study will fully be accomplished, the society will be in a position to clearly understand the general effects that come along with psychological torturing of the nurses from domestic violence. Furthermore, the importance of appreciating at the same time measures to be taken to reduce the same will be put in place to reduce such effects to help the nurses carry out their activities in peace. In addition, the individuals doing the same will get the sense of avoiding such practices as nurses are very crucial persons in the society. Once the study is complete, therapists, physicians, victims of domestic violence, policy-makers, society, and caregivers will be equipped with the necessary information to contribute positively towards curbing the crime (McGarry, 2016). They will be now in a position to reason uprightly and more so in a sound manner as they have now clearly understood the effects of psychologically tortured nurses to both the individuals and the society in general. Other partners who are in the race to fight the same, stakeholders, families will do what they can to ensure that the individuals performing the same are punished accordingly in line with the laws of the land. Efficient mitigation and intervention strategies will be put into place that will contribute positively to harmonious living in all families under the sun.

Domestic Violence Research Objectives

The objectives of this study are:

i.)A task of establishing a role that can be played when the public is educated so as to curb the psychological effects and also how they could reduce such instances in the society.

ii.)The study will be in the attempt to establish the role that different parties need to play as to provide psychological support to fellows suffering from psychological torture. The parties include the physicians and the therapists among others.

iii.)The study will also help us to clearly understand psychological effects, possible strategies to be laid in the attempt to fight down this menace by both the various stakeholders and the authorities involved.

Research Hypothesis

This study about the psychological effects, it is hypothesized that:

Various efforts have been put into place to reduce the psychological effects as a result of domestic violence. However, some of the initiatives took place has been less effective as expected.

Psychological effects can even extend to causing physical harm, emotional pain and even ends up inflicting pain to the family members including the children. The pace is to continue that way if not addressed in the right manner and proper measures being put into place.

When nurses are made aware of the issue to do with domestic violence, they can be able to avoid the psychological effects they experience at the same time having the awareness about their rights as well as the relevant authorities to approach when they undergo the same (Stockman et al., 2015).

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