Effects of Cellphones on Society - Essay Example

Published: 2018-06-14
Effects of Cellphones on Society - Essay Example
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Effects Of Using Cellphone

Response 1

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Both Gathman and Stobierski discuss the importance of cellphones and particular the importance of texting. Texting according to the two students is important. At first, it is easy to communicate through text messages. In addition, according to the two students it is rather cheap to communicate through text than calling.

Response 2

Stobierski communicates with her mother through phone due to several ways. At first, during that time, there were juts few cellphones in the United States. Also, phones were accessible in the higher learning institution. On the other hand, Gathman communicates regular with her boyfriend over the cellphone.

Response 4

It is true that cellphone have improved our interconnectivity in the society, though they have created a distance. The argument is true because, though we can communicate together over a distance, but psychologically we are not together, for instance, we cannot feel for each other. I have also experienced the same thing while I was dating in high school. Though we communicated with my lover, but I actually did not feel him. At last, we broke up. The same case applies to the retaliations of Gathman. Though there is the aspect of communication with the lover, but they are still distance apart due to lack of one on one communication.

Response 5

Gathman personification of phone is associated with teenage, for instance, color and ringtones. At teenage, people are anxious thus why they personify the phone. It will be quite difficult for a mature people to personify their cellphones.

Response 9

The two teenagers at first agrees that cellphones interconnects people thus easing means of communication. Also, the two agrees that the use of cellphone is addictive. However the two differs on the personification of cellphone, for instance, Gathman has personified her phone while Stobierski has not personified her phone.

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