Essay Sample: A Comparison of College and High School Students

Published: 2019-06-04
Essay Sample: A Comparison of College and High School Students
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The school has a significant role in people's lives. Several people will spend over fifteen years in school to get the required qualifications to work in a particular field. The years are divided into numerous levels, with some of the levels being more pleasurable than others. Two most vital levels are high school and college. Even though some people might have a feeling that these levels are similar, there are noteworthy differences that exist between high school and college students. Some people often mistake that a college is a mere step just after a high school, but a close evaluation in both the two level exposes that there are indeed many differences between them.

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It is genuine to state that college student pay more money for their education than high school student. Of course, it offers a greater level of learning, but this may not favor well students that come from humble families. Similarly, college students have to buy their books while high school student borrows from the institution for one year. Many cities and town do not have colleges; therefore, students who need to get a higher level education are forced to travel away to other cities in which they are determined to get the education they require. It often encompasses renting an apartment and paying for food, and occasionally for the bus fare, which is entirely different with the high school that is free (Harry 33). There it is evident that college student have to dig deep into their pockets to fund their education is as compared to high school students.

There are also certain dissimilarities between the social setting of pupils at college and high school. Because college students have a lot of homework, they have restricted freedom, and this makes it tougher for them to visit their pals especially during the week. Though, at the high school they have recognized their companions for a short time while at college they always have to get new friends since several of theirs have relocated to another town or city (Kirst 23).

Before closing, it would be essential to say that frequently college students have an entirely new set of tasks to handle. Because many moves far from home, they are to stay in a flat, pay bills, buy food, prepare meals, clean their rooms themselves, etc. well, for most of college students, this is a new thing, and they must learn to accept this situation. High school students almost have nothing to care about excluding school, since they stay home with their parentages, which take care of many things.

In conclusion, high school and college have both their and their inconveniences and advantages. Attending the former is cheaper than attending the later. At college, students are regarded as being more like adults while high school one is looked upon as simple student of the lower class. Furthermore, high school learners do have less homework and many free times, though when at school they are not free in several ways. Lastly, joining college make one to be more responsible, since you have numerous things to put under you care. As evident, they have many differences though there are some aspects they share in common: they both there to give learners decent education and they also engage students for many years which most of them fails to forget.

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