Qualitative Methodology Discussion. Science Essay Sample.

Published: 2021-01-25
Qualitative Methodology Discussion. Science Essay Sample.
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Qualitative Methodology Discussion

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Data collection and analyses are things done on a day-to-day operation nowadays. Many people have come up with a variety of procedures to collect and interpret data. The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze various aspects of the methodology of a qualitative research article. In this paper, I will identify the methodology and design of the research, evaluate how well the research answered the research questions and describe and analyze data collection and analysis procedures.

Description and Evaluation of the

Research Methodology, Approach, and Design

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was employed in this research (Sampson, J. M., 2013). In this type of analysis or approach, experiments are usually undertaken to come up with solution and answers to certain occurrences in real life. It is mainly used in medical and social sciences. It is also used in psychology. IPA answered the research questions appropriately. It helped in getting enough content from the participants and, therefore, increasing the number of data collected comparing to other methods. It also helps in boosting inter-personal skills among participants. Hence, the research question was answered thoroughly and more information about it obtained.

Description and Evaluation of the Sample and Sampling Procedures

Since there were no official formats for sampling, participants were admitted via Craigslist. This is an online forum which is free for advertisement. Craigslist was of help because it is cheap. Online mode of advertisement is also helpful because a wide scope of the population is reached. This was very important for sampling in this methodology and approach.

Description and Evaluation of the Data Collection Procedures

Interviews were used as the primary method of collecting the data. Face to face interviews were conducted and taped for recording and future use. Interviews in a way help in assessing the participant on personal level and enables one to judge the respondent via facial and body language. In this way one is able to determine accurately the response from the participant. Hence, accurate information is obtained and this promotes the success of the research.

Description of the of the data analysis procedure

The data was analyzed using IPA techniques. It was read over and over again and main points were brought out. A certain software called Nvivo 8 data analysis was used to analyze the data. Themes were interconnected and primary themes brought out. This helped in analyzing the data in deeper contents and bring out the best out of it.


In conclusion, the methods employed here were very effective. All the procedures undertaken helped out in the success of the research. IPA is a perfect design to be employed in researches.


Sampson, J. M. (2013). The lived experience of family members of persons who compulsively hoard: A qualitative study. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 39(3), 388402.

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