Criminal Justice Ethics Essay Sample

Published: 2019-04-12
Criminal Justice Ethics Essay Sample
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Criminal justice

Criminal justice gets argued as the system of practices and the institutions of government which is particularly aimed at ensuring the existence of control measures with the goal of mitigating crimes. Te systems equally sanction those found to have committed criminal offenses with either penalties or undertaking rehabilitation efforts. Therefore, this paper gets based on a scholarly- quality article from a quality web- based resource that addresses the subtopic of criminal justice ethics under the relevance of justice management.

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The findings of the article images criminal justice ethics to involve a variety of real and mid- level ethical dilemmas that exist within the scope of justice management. The depicted may include; the police, courts or even the correctional services (John, 2015). From the perspective of a narrow framework, the article discusses criminal justice ethics to focus on the problems which are generated by the judicial institutions themselves. These problems are the underlying ethical dilemmas which the article presents to face justice management.

The first dilemma is based on the conscious objection to the particular police strategies. The dilemma reminds an individual of his moral grounds especially from a biblical point of view and the service to the people. The situation has seen many law enforcement officers objecting their official duties on the grounds of religious grounds (John, 2015). The ethical dilemma depicted by the article relates to the Biblical argument especially in the book of Jeremiah 51: 20, in which God spoke to both the ancestors and their descendants. The verse highlights God's message on evil not getting allowed to rule the earth. He reminds the people who are good to continue doing well and always utter the language that brings peace and harmony upon humanity. The Biblical opinion depicted supports the ethical dilemma on conscious objection where law enforcement officers object duties due to their religious roots. Maybe the duty is that which is dangerous and may easily result to harm or even death.

Ethical dilemma

The next ethical dilemma noted in the article gets pointed out on the law enforcement officers using the hominem legal defense, particularly against the inmate. Inmate possesses different characters which leave the law enforcement unit in a state of confusion on the workability of the tactic. The Bible equally supports the depicted especially in the better part of the New and Old Testament. In Matthew 5: 43- 48, the Bible teaches on the love for enemies which relates to the inmate's case because they are enemies to peaceful co-existence of others. The article goes further to image criminal justice problems as those which include the ethical problems that come as a result of foundations of criminal justice systems. It, therefore, offers a solution for justice management by addressing the real ethical dilemmas like the mentioned without any external influence (Banks, 2013). The article equally recommends for the justice management system to develop broader frameworks which address the various ethical issues that face the criminal, ethical system.

In summary, the scholarly- quality article in the discussion from a quality web- based resource succeeds in mirroring criminal justice ethical system as an issue that faces the justice management system. It addresses the subtopic through presentations of various findings and some ethical dilemmas. Equally important, the article relates the dilemmas depicted with two Bible verses particularly from the Book of Jeremiah and Matthew. Therefore, the article presented fully meets the need of the justice system as pertained in the instructions.


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