Essay Example on Bicycle for Fitness: Burn Fat, Build Muscles and Increase Metabolic Rate

Published: 2022-12-26
Essay Example on Bicycle for Fitness: Burn Fat, Build Muscles and Increase Metabolic Rate
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For those ones who feel the unease of going to the gym to do the lifting and anaerobic, a bicycle is a good option for them. Cycling is known to be an effective means to do workouts and reducing the body weight as it increases the body metabolic rates, burn body fats and builds muscles; however, this requires regular cycling. The cycling can begin with short distances before advancing to the long distance and in the eras of rough terrains. This exercise is flexible ones as it does not have age limitation and one exercises based on their pace as they enjoy the fun that comes with cycling. In addition, this form of exercise is affordable as the only cost involved is purchasing the bicycle and cheap maintenance cost.

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The sedentary lifestyles and excess weight are interrelated. One gets excess weight when they are less involved in physical activities that involve vigorous body movement. One of the major results associated with a sedentary lifestyle is the unhealthy weight which can cause morbid obesity. Also, other health ailment associated with obesity will eventually emerge, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, cancer and so on. It is necessary for one to check their body weight in regards to the Body mass index (BMI). With regular exercise, one can manage the body weight to the required BMI and hence refraining from the disease-causing elements (Levine (2005).

Vegetables are necessary substitutes to the junk foods especially for the people living a sedentary lifestyle or those who are recovering from it. Vegetables have nutritious elements that are necessary for the overall growth of the body and promoting healthy lifestyles. Unlike the junk foods, vegetables have low chances of causing the excess fats and calories in the body; instead, they have the qualities that can restore a healthy body defensive from diseases, bodybuilding and repair of the tissues. Alongside the body exercise, vegetables play a significant role in maintaining healthy body weight (Morris 2019).

Section II: Essay

A sedentary lifestyle entails a little or limited body physical exercise. An individual living in a sedentary lifestyle is considered as the one sitting or lying down while equipped with other physical activities such as watching television, reading, playing video games, socializing, using a computer, browsing with the phone for the better time of the day. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), physical inactivity s considered as a failure to meet the required health recommendations for healthy living, whereby an individual needs to take part in a minimum of 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise. Many of the health also concur with the 10, 0000 steps a day which translates to about 5 miles. Such exercises are ideal to reduce the health risks that are associated with inactivity (Physical Inactivity | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC, 2019). World Health Organization (WHO, 2019), mentions that 60 to 85% of the people around the globe do not participate in recommended physical activities. Hence making the physical inactivity to be considered as the fourth leading health risk factor for global mortality. The research by Suzanne Falck (2019) shows that the prolonged period of inactivity can decrease metabolism, and at the same time impair the body's ability to regulate the sugar levels, break down fat and control the blood pressure. Essentially, reducing the duration spent while at the sedentary together with the physical exercise can promote one's immunes system against some terminal illnesses.

An article by Science Magazine by James A. Levine (2005), an obesity specialist at Mayo Clinic focuses on the adverse effects of the sedentary lifestyle. He concluded that any prolonged sitting, such as behind a wheel or behind a desk at work can create harm to someone's health. The research extends deeper to identify sitting as the modern time diseases, that's why it is unarguably stated that sitting behind a desk or relaxing on the couch for extended hours could cause a health risk to our body(Levine, 2005). An article by John Hopkins Medicine (2019) concurs with these assertions by giving the health conditions that are as a result of the physical inactivity. Some of the identified health risks include certain types of cancers which relate to obesity and overweight, depression and anxiety; cardiovascular diseases; obesity and overweight; lessening in skeletal muscle mass; increased cholesterol levels and blood pressure ("Risks of Physical Inactivity", 2019).

An article by Suzanne Falck (2019) proposes some of the solutions to these lifestyle disorders. The article maintains that the active lifestyle can significantly promote the chances of mental illnesses, chronic health condition, as well as premature death. Some of the recommendations given include (1) Increased physical activity. (2) Minimizing the time spent in sedentary activities; this can be done by the following means: Walking o work, prefer standing rather than sitting while in a public transport; talk walks during breaks at work or school; standing up during tea or coffee breaks; regularly using a standing desk; Using a staircase instead of an elevator or escalator; getting into corporate or school-based school activities such as charity walks; cycling; and most importantly take a healthy food.

To wind up, sedentary lifestyle has become a global concern that has attracted the attention of different health practitioners due to its role towards the prevalence on the terminal illnesses that are being experienced in the concurrent society. Due to the nature of modern society, most people tend to be physically inactive because their brain and eyes are busy with something. The impact brought by the sedentary lifestyle is long terms and if not managed at the appropriate time it can escalate to something serious and affect the wellbeing of the affected individual.


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