Free Essay with the Key Concerns for Successful Expansion of Business in Japan

Published: 2019-09-25
Free Essay with the Key Concerns for Successful Expansion of Business in Japan
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The marketing manager of Burger King has to be well informed about the present situation of the fast food industry of Japan (Mujtaba & Patel, 2011). The key concern of the company is the expansion of the business of Burger King. Therefore, the market trend of the fast food industry of Japan has to be the core focus of the marketing manager. Moreover, the tastes and preferences of the target customers use to change frequently (Mayrhofer, 2012). The analysis of the customers preferences can help the company to reach the better market segment.

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Necessary Knowledge for Expansion

As per Mujtaba & Patel (2011), there are several things which the marketer has to know regarding the new market before the enlargement of the business. The sales, as well as marketing strategy of Burger King, have to be cohesive and comprehensive. The overall knowledge regarding the market of Japan for this product covers the marketing program, the marketing strategy, the pricing structure, local environment of the market, etc. (Mayrhofer, 2012).

Effect of the Government of Japan in this Expansion

The trade policies of the foreign government must affect the development of the Burger King in the country. The FDI inflow of Japan is showing the increasing rate of growth for last five years (Marschan-Piekkari, 2014). Therefore, it can be expected that there is a tremendous opportunity for the burger company to expand their business in Japan.

Role of Cultures and Customs for Business Expansion

The cultures and customs of any country affect the food and eating style of the country directly. The burger is one of the major fast foods of the US economy. But, this product is not so popular in Japan as the US. Therefore, attractive marketing and advertising strategies of the burgers company is required for the expansion of the market (Marschan-Piekkari, 2014). Moreover, the company has to take product differentiation tactics to attract more customers depending on the differences in cultures and customs.

Differences in Customer Service

According to Metin & Kizgin (2015), one of the key features for the expansion of a business is the customer services of the company. There are few key factors in the process of the development which differ for effective customer service between two countries. These are the increase in customer retention through customer service, the difference in priority of the company, and the difference in the loyalty of the customers (Metin & Kizgin, 2015).


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Discussion 4.2: Marketing Research Tools

A marketing plan requires some useful marketing tools to research the overall condition of the market. This particular scenario explores that the manager of the company is willing to take a marketing plan by a specific product reviewed only from a single customer of the product. The single customer product review is not relevant as well as efficient as a marketing research tool. There are many marketing research tools out there to utilize to the expansion of any business (Hair, 2013). These are market surveys, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups. These are the powerful offline marketing research tools. The online marketing research tools are blogs and social networks (Veeck & Hoger, 2014).

As per Mata & Quesada (2013), the surveys are used to collect the information from the customers about a product. The customers use to ask for the recommendation for more innovation in the product.

The one-on-one interview strategy has several options. The one-on-one interview approach is developed for the collection of information on some sensitive issues about the company. This plan may be conducted online too. The web video conference is one of the best strategies to collect penetrating information of a company (Hair, 2013).

The focus group helps to develop the 4P of marketing of any company. The focus groups are used to get the feedback of the first launch of a product of a company. The strategies of focus groups are similar to the strategies of one-on-one interview approach (Mata & Quesada, 2013).

The blogs and social media are the useful media for marketing and expansion of business in this era of rapid expansion of internet industry. The customers use to visit the websites and social media presence of any company to know further details regarding the company and the products of the company (Veeck & Hoger, 2014). The services like Technorati and Google Alerts are also very helpful to grow any business in the online industry. These tools help the potential customers in browsing the companies (Hair, 2013). The Google AdWords is one of the primary marketing research tools also for the expansion of online marketing.

Mata & Quesada (2013) have explained that the power of these marketing research tools should be explained clearly to the manager of the company explicitly. Moreover, it is evident that utilization of several marketing tools helps a company more than a single product review strategy (Mata & Quesada, 2013). It helps the company to explore the several dimensions of advertising and commercialization and creates a better and bigger sales funnel.

Therefore, there is no single marketing research tool which can work the best. The marketing research strategy of any company should have the bunch of marketing research tools to gather the most useful outcome from a marketing research.


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