Essay Example: Interview Questions for Managers

Published: 2017-10-26
Essay Example: Interview Questions for Managers
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Manager interview questions

As a manager, how would you have handled the situation yourself and mentored the new manager?

There are usually several factors that a manager should do when handling a situation where he or she tries to correct an employee but he or she turns down the offer. In this particular case, as a manager, I would remain calm and seek another platform with the employee to explain further my decisions. As a manager, you have to realize that many people fear change and would reject it immediately it is suggested. Probably, this might be the case with the lady when the manager proposes that she should change her ways of things and do them differently in order for the company to register better performance.

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The lady become judgmental because she thinks the manager is too young to teach her how to do her job. The lady feels that she has been doing her job her way for a very long time hence do not need a young manager who is probably in experienced to come and teach her how to perform her responsibilities as an employee in the organization.

As a manager, I would have not summoned the employee and immediately propose the changes. I would use a different approach which is more involving. A platform would be first created for the employee to share her story and as to why she prefers doing things her way. Her views on the approach to be taken when implementing her duties must be heard. Thereafter, I would first start by explaining to her the importance of doing things as proposed by the manager. In order to substantiate my point, I would share with her the stories of companies who have done things in the way proposed by the manager and have succeeded. I would reiterate that despite being of a tender age, my contributions should be listened to and argued upon based on facts and not age. Finally, I would explain that any decisions I make on behalf of the company is for the growth of the company and its employees at large. Hence, they should be debated upon soberly and correct decision taken.

There is also need for one to separate emotions from sober decisions to be made on behalf of the company. As a manager, I would first identify the positive traits of the employee and encourage her to keep strengthening them. I would then explain to her that for us to continue with the good results and even increase her performance, she should change how she does things for the sake of the realization of the company goals.

Management interview questions

What specific traits and behaviors does the manager in question need to work on?

The manager in question has got several behaviors and traits that he is expected to work on in order to prove himself to the bosses that he has things in control and can actually lead and motivate employees towards achieving the goals of the company.

First and foremost, the manager must work on being patient and listening to fellow employees intently. The manager is also expected to be flexible and learn to see things in the perspective of other employees within the organization. A manager being able to look at things in other angle and see overrule their interests can make a successful business as the decisions they make will be sober. As a result, the manager in question must work on not being judgmental and listening to employees before making decisions.

The manager should also ensure that he can develop new methods in case the planned ones fail. He should be ready to properly manage disapprovals to avoid crisis. In this particular case, the manager should have learnt ways in which to contain the employee to avoid rumors spreading across the office about their en-counter and his inability to lead being proven to his employees.

The manager should learn how to improve their subordinates by proposing to the changes in an acceptable and involving manner unlike how the manager did with the lady. It is every manager’s dream that he works with the best team hence in every opportunity, a manager would strive to upgrade and improve his team through building their capacity and self-confidence.

Another important trait that the manager needs to work on is self-confidence. Despite being a young manager, it is was very important for the manager to remain confident in front of his subordinate in order to look in charge and be important in case of important decision making. There is also need for this manager to have passion for his work and most importantly take charge such that the subordinate staff always listens to him and feel energized during his tenure as the manager.

Manager interview question and answers

How would you deal with the situation of a group member who refuses to act on your suggestions for improved performance?

Personally, before reprimanding the employee to change her ways of doing things, I would listen to her and iron out the points of contention in an amicable manner. It is very important for the manager to unearth the cause of the problem through communication. Communication in this case should be a two way case where the manager airs out his points and listen to the employees too. I would also give the employee enough feedback on the jobs he or she gets involved in directly and indirectly and propose proper adjustments in a more sober way.

Despite this being involving, I would take my time to interact and know the employee better before approaching her for correction. I would study the employee and know what her reactions are and how to approach her. Through interaction with the employee, one can easily identify the long and short terms of the employee. What motivates the employees and how to propose changes to her without getting her annoyed or angry? Also, it is important to take note that as your propose changes to an employee, care should be taken not to undermine the employee by making them feel like they underperforming.

I would also identify the positive performance of the employee and reward the employee performance accordingly. This will be evident to him that I am not only seeing the negative side of her but also appreciating the positive contribution she makes to the organization.

Management interview questions and answers

What type of leadership development program do you recommend implementing for a new managers?

They type of leadership development program that should be employed in the case of new managers is the individual leadership development program. Since the young and new managers are known to be inexperienced and new to managerial tasks, it is important to incorporate this program. The program will be helpful in that it will help in sharpening the leadership abilities of the manager and most important his attitude towards fellow employees. There are different personal characters and traits that hinder one from successfully practicing his leadership skills. The program takes one through training in order to able to know what to do, when to do it and where to do it.

The training will build the capacity of the manager and make them more successful. After the completion of the training, the attitude of the manager is aired out as it plays a major role in the managerial job. The manager must know how to relate with employees by motivating them and at the same time correcting them when they are wrong. Self-efficacy is also a major trait that the manager will develop after the training. The trainee also comes out one who can test out new situations and definitely form an abstract concept. Finally, the manger develops the vision to foresee the future of the organization in positive manner and drive a group of employees towards attaining the goals of the organization.

Interview questions for management

What areas are the most important to address?

As a manager, there are important areas that must be addressed to maintain and even improve a company success. Some of the areas that can be addressed include employee motivation, employee training and sourcing, and employee exchange programs among others. It is important to motivate employees by identifying the best serving ones and awarding them with rewards such as scholarships for further education, trips to other countries for exposure and experience among others.

There is also need to continue upgrading employees by building their capacity. These can be done by taking them through trainings which entails equipping them with knowledge that will increase their performance as employees of the organization. Expert outsourcing is also an important area that needs to be addressed as it helps in providing services to a company in cases that would prove expensive in case of hiring.

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