Choice of Outline and Model, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2017-08-14
Choice of Outline and Model, Free Essay Sample
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After a careful analysis of the lessons in the English class, I realized that one of the major decisions that a writer should make before engaging in the writing of an essay is choosing the correct outline. As a writer, I was faced with the choice of using a formal topic outline or formal sentence outline. The two structures are hierarchical although sentence outline is more detailed. In the case of the topic outline, I realized that it gives a brief and quick overview of different topics which will be included in the essay. Whereas in the sentence outline, the author provides topic sentences which support various the author provides topic sentences which support various topics. However, in the document, I choose to use the sentence outline.

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The reason why I preferred using a sentence outline in the document is because of the possibilities it gives me as a researcher of breaking down the various subtopics that I was to cover under the research topic into some subheadings. It also made it possible for me to investigate many issues and come up with a detailed report regarding the matter being investigated.

Besides the topic sentence, I was also tasked with choosing a research model that would enable me to gather credible data for my topic of study. In this case, I choose the qualitative research model for the exercise. I preferred the model due to some various reasons which included: in the qualitative model, it is possible for the research problem to be stated in a specific manner as well as set terms for the research study. Besides, both independent and dependent variables can be specified in a clear and precise manner. Also, the model makes it possible for me to firmly follow my research goals which I had set initially thus helping me reach to a viable conclusion that is more objective. It also helped me to test the hypothesis of my study. In addition, the data collected through this model was more reliable since I had controlled my research observations.

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