Essay Sample on Healing Environment: A Daring Paradigm

Published: 2023-07-13
Essay Sample on Healing Environment: A Daring Paradigm
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Although the interior environment is oversimplified over the social, physical, and natural environment, its aspects have the most substantial impact on the healing process of the patients since it encompasses the mind and soul. Consequently, the mind and soul are influenced by emotional and spiritual aspects. These aspects must be present to create a productive, healing environment. It is universally agreed by both patients and healthcare providers that a healing environment has a significant impact on medicalization(VIENNEAU, 2019). As such the principal focus of this paper is to critically examine the components of a healing environment and how they are connected to spirituality and to offer an overview of the challenges of establishing a conducive healing environment. The constituents of the healing environment are generally open for discussion and depend on the individual's perspective.

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Components of a Healing Environment and Their Relationship to Spirituality

The components of a healing environment include the mindful development of awareness, intent, belief, and expectation during recovery(VIENNEAU, 2019). The environment also requires the incorporation of techniques and technology that nurture a recovery process based on love and compassion. The components embrace the facilitative creation of communication and listening skills, which binds the patients and health practitioners and also fosters trust.

The environment must also integrate practices and instructions which impact health promotion behaviors that can transform an individual's lifestyle and, at the same time, sustain the development of social support and the self-healing process(VIENNEAU, 2019). Finally, developing a collaborative practice that supports the healing process through the responsible application of integrative medicine helps to develop a physical space in which healing is practiced consequently (VIENNEAU, 2019). These components are tightly integrated with spirituality, which is imperative to acquire personal totality. The personal totality is a congruence of the spirit, mind, the body, and is acquired motivational experiences and association with others (VIENNEAU, 2019). The aspect is demonstrated by the sharing of beliefs, hopes, and motivation to change (Alt, 2017). Therefore, the internal environment primarily comprises spirituality and emotions.

Challenges and Complexities in Creating A Healing Environment and Providing Health Care

Due to the current economic crisis in most countries, insurance limitation on reimbursement has increased; therefore, caregivers are forced to spend less time with their patients each day. Hospitals also attempt to subsidize the cost by cutting their nursing staff (Fries, 2020). Although nurses and social workers desire to spend more time with their patients, the rising health care cost has become a significant challenge. During times of pain and illness, the majority view spirituality is a continuous search for transcendence and meaning in life (Fries, 2020). Among the health care systems around the world, a lack of compassionate and personalized health care systems is a significant challenge. Although practitioners treat patients with respect, dignity, and emphasis on physical wellness, the level of emotional and spiritual comfort is wanting.

Aspects of The Christian Worldview that Support The Concept of A Healing Environment

Often, when people face challenges, they tend to turn inwards and begin to reflect on the significance of their suffering, pain, illness, and their lives. Most start to search for hope and the purpose of life. The search for purpose and meaning can either impact the healing process of the patient, both positively or negatively (Tryon, 2018). The Christian worldview supports the healing environment in the spiritual dimension since, in such purpose and meaning, the majority rely on spiritual comfort just as they rely on emotional comfort (Tryon,2018). Both songs and the scriptures support the healing environment.

The Christian belief necessitates that the sick should call for the church elders who can spiritually intervene over him through prayers and be anointed in the Name of the Lord. The prayer of faith is believed to have the power that can save the sick (James 5:14-15). God is viewed as the primary source of refuge, strength, and timely help in times of trouble. Even though the earth occasionally changes, and mountains shake, being still reveals God's healing power (Psalms 46:1-2). These Christian spiritual worldviews are excellent sources of comfort during rough situations such as illness and pain.

Importance of The Concept 0f A Healing Environment

The concept of a healing environment will foster the development of enhanced competencies that are essential in delivering interdisciplinary, patient-centered, and spiritual care (Pfeiffer, 2014). Through the integration of these concepts, it will be possible to develop and test strategies in the work environment: hence accelerating healing for people with a life-threatening illness and progressive chronic diseases (Pfeiffer, 2014). Additionally, through the application of the concept, it is possible to reduce medical errors, stress, physical symptoms that affect logical thought processes and the inability to concentrate.

In summary, a productive healing environment comprises of mindful development of the interior environment, use of tactics and technology that nurture the recovery process on love and compassion, and the creation of a bond between patients and practitioners, which create collaborative practices. Yet, within the process of establishing an optimum environment, practitioners suffer inadequate resources and training programs that integrate spirituality, among other challenges. Most Christian patients are, however, observed to embrace spirituality in such times of pain and illness.


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