Win Customers Through Information Technologies - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Win Customers Through Information Technologies - Free Paper Sample
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Customers are regarded as the lifeblood of an individual’s business. Whether a firm sells physical products e.g., such as clothing, consultancy services, eBooks, and software, the company will fail without reliable clients. The majority of the brands tend to pay more and close attention to client acquisition and lead generation. They fail to recall that until these ideal clients are inspired and advanced in the condition of their minds, they will shift to competitors (Smith & Wheeler, 2002). Through several interactions in different platforms, devices, and channels to the customers, the company will result in having many loyal customers. Companies typically have some information systems; managed care systems are vibrant mechanisms that authorize users to evaluate information to recognize business trends, forecasting, and modeling business plans. Office mechanization systems advance the communication process throughout the firm. Each type of data system functions as a specific decision-making stage, which includes strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

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Significant Inhibitor

Poor fit between organization and systems is a significant inhibitor to successful Information Technology deployment. This occurs when software developer’s personnel or the customer requesting the solution do not grip the complete range of jobs the new mechanism will require to deal with. Inadequate user teaching is another factor inhibiting the success of IT (ReVelle, Stuffle & Jackson, 2019). It leads to system failure, but in occurrences, the user does not acquire the knowledge, more error results. Faulty hardware also contributes to the success of IT deployment. A lot of consideration should be made, along with significant common errors. Finally, Poor user interface is a factor leading to unsuccessful IT (Chang, 2020). This causes unique hitches for the mechanism users while increasing the probability of those users familiarizing the system information, causing the failure.

Social Media

Using social media as an engagement instrument and not as a platform is one of the strategies companies use in winning customer business using Information Technology. The use of social media networks, including LinkedIn and Facebook, is not merely a strategy for associating with people. These social media tools are mainly for that purpose, but they should be used as only tools for a company to achieve better results. The social media tools are essential since they identify questions, research influencers, share, and connect and generate content that clients of various firms will be happy.

Lenovo is a company that views social media from a different perspective. As a brand, this firm uses digital social platforms to deliver vast worth to its clients. This worldwide distributor that has a branch in Australia employs social media in obtaining user information. Once it is analyzed, the company experiences higher sales in their products way much higher than its competitors based on consumer trends. Lenovo has adapted product development after a period of having a close interaction with its customers by listening to their feedback, ranging from screen sizes and the color choices for laptops. Like Lenovo Company, if a firm begins viewing social media as a tool for engaging with predictions and clients, it can change its brand’s social media platform and start catering for its customers.

In-Product Messaging

Engaging clients with in-product messaging helps in winning customers. This involves notifying potential clients of a new product in the market that occurs using different channels. In-product messaging is defined as the content, and linked media conveyed straight to an operator’s internet-linked machine or software application to engage, inform, gather, or publicize to the direct user. The ideal method is by messaging an exact segment of the client base with particular products they are interested in (Burges & Burgess, 2020). In-product messaging is a feasible policy to adopt since there is an occurrence of a market fit, acting as a route correspondence between the market and the product. Not all Customer Relation Management (CRM) software are fitted out with in-product messaging aspect. Once the Human Resource in a firm encounters any publicity mechanization software is supporting it, he should immediately put it into use. The majority of software and startup companies agree to leverage in-product messaging for moving new clients via a continuous onboarding practice and use emails to engage clients who are stagnant on a phase. Finally, Communicating with VIP clients with promotions is another strategy of winning customers. VIP customers have purchased your products and services and have also referred their family members and friends for a long time. They are not one-time buyers, but they shift from casual buyers to trustworthy and loyal clients through client engagement.

Globally, advancement in technology has resulted in various outcomes. There are increased opportunities for design and innovation in Australia that have helped several industries advance in their existing institutions. Advancement in technology has also resulted in the improvement of products and services offered by different companies. The growth of technology has led to the progress of the economy. Australia is regarded as one of the top countries globally that shows the exportation and importation of goods.

Deployment of Information Technology has been successful in the education system. Australian lecture halls are equipped with modern technologies. The institutions aim at preparing their students for prosperous careers in their field of choice by providing them with innovative and new facilities (Becker, 2017, p. 14). In Agriculture, the evolution of GPS-guided and self-steering tractors and several mechanized equipment types have been into use in the country. This helps in increasing the efficiency and reduction of cost in farm inputs. In the future, the blend of satellite expertise, better use of information, and drones will generate further support to agriculturalists making choices on watering, fertilizing, and planting of crops. In the manufacturing sector, the manufacturers are practicing digital advancement from robotics to advanced modeling. This helps in monitoring the production process in companies. Hospitals have adopted using software created by CSIRO to manage patient movements better and reduce the waiting period. Health practitioners have also started using robotics in improving surgical outcomes.

Effects of IT

The company structure is a standard patter of how jobs and people are categorized in a company where the organizational plan is the actions and decisions of organizational construction. The primary purpose of IT is to process, disseminate, and monitor information to control, manage, and decide the organization (Luftman, Lyytinen & Zvi, 2017, p. 31) implementation of IT in an organization causes a change in the organization's structure since the relation amid organization structure, and IT is dynamic. Information technology has been extensively documented critical to the company's growth and survival. It is a fundamental and integral part to grow, sustain, and support a business. This makes cooperation in making considerable investments in IT and spending a lot of money, yet a large IT share does not assure high returns.

Organizations and information systems impact each other. Information systems need to be aligned with the company to deliver info that influential groups in the company want. On the other hand, the company must be alert of and open itself to the info systems' inspirations to a subsidy from new technologies. The contact amid organizations and IT is very intricate and is influenced by many reconciling factors counting the company's culture, politics, management decisions, structure, and environment.

Information technology's potential effects in Deloitte's company structure are; info production are affected by data processing computer or accounting tasks like accounts billing, payables, and receivable. Secondly, the physical output is affected by intelligent scanners, process instruments, and robotics (Kartal & Ă–ncel, 2015, p, 377). Thirdly the knowledge production in companies is affected by CAM/CAD tools or designers' workplaces. On the other hand, information technologies have helped incorporate business roles between and within all levels of companies. It also allows the reduction in hierarchy levels in an organization by growing the duration of the governor of a manager. The use of information technology thus can facilitate the flattening of the company's structures.

Today, the implication of the information, both as a tactical and strategic resource in companies, is a source of extra value known by everyone. IT has always been reflected as a competitive benefit in the commercial environment. Information technologies with its features like; marketing, processing, transferring bulk data and storing assist managers in improving companies' performance (De Wet, Koekemoer, & Nel, 2016, p. 5). According to the accomplishment motivation principle, achievement motivation is a principle that stimulates individuals towards doing their best and achieving their desires. Employees with such inspiration are ready to take all sorts of risks, focus their attention to their duties, and relish their roles. According to a comprehensive management model, motivation is one factor that influences productivity, and IT uses motivates employees, increasing productivity. Additionally, creativity, innovation, and the presence of useful context for the evolution of invention are the factors that affect productivity among the employees in a company.


Thus, types of technology has also helped to create mobility within the employees in the company. Employees from the company can easily stay in control of their allocated duties. This is because technology has abolished time and space boundaries. The tech assists in time-saving and flexibility making the workers remain in a governor. However, technology has affected Deloitte's company employees negatively. Information technology has made all technical work automated, which has made employees lazy, and has damaged their creativity skills. Mostly to make their work easy, the workers do their meek duties through the technical tool. This stops the employees' brains from working at the workplace. IT has also made employees lose their work as it has come to replace human beings. This has affected many companies, as most of the employees have been replaced by tech devices that are more efficient and faster.

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