Samsung Vs Apple - Compare and Contrast Essay Example

Published: 2019-12-06
Samsung Vs Apple - Compare and Contrast Essay Example
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Samsung and Apple are undoubtedly the greatest electronics-manufacturing corporations in this century. These two firms are also biggest rivals. The competition partly results from individual products produced by these giant companies. Some of these products are phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. However, despite being major rivals, both Samsung and Apple have various similarities and differences. The argument of which company is the best among the two has always existed due to the fierce competition exuded by these giants. In most occasions, these two companies usually find themselves in a series of court battles in Europe and the United States. On the other part, the differences and the similarities of Apple and Samsung lie in the trade practices of each of these firms.

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Raw materials

Although Samsung manufactures most of its components in-house, it outsources other products from the outside firms. Components such as particular integrated circuits, optical drives, microprocessors and the LCD displays for Smartphone products are outsourced from other specialists. A report released by Samsung in 2013 highlighted that sourcing of these components are critical because it eliminates the need for the infrastructure required to produce the materials internally. Samsung mostly uses Coltan, a naturally occurring mineral in the manufacture of most of its products.

Similarly, despite Apple producing some of its component in-house, it as well sources some of the critical components from other firms. Like Samsung products Apple source from outside include microprocessors, LCD screens, optical drives and specific integrated circuits. Despite the intense rivalry of these companies, they source these components from the same suppliers. The well-known sources used by both companies include LG Philips Company, Toshiba Corporation, IBM Corporation among other suppliers. However, in 2013, Apple hinted that they had a plan to use some of the components produced by Samsung for the subsequent products. In the same manner as Samsung, the chief component used in the manufacture of goods at Apple is Coltan.

Energy Efficiency

Apple has adopted various measures over the previous period to reduce energy consumption. Specifically, Apple Corporation institutionalized measures that would enable it to use one hundred percent energy from renewable sources throughout its production plants across the globe. Apple Corporation has achieved this plan partial in some locations and, the company has elaborate plans to effect these changes in all its production plants worldwide. Among other measures put to achieve this goal, Apple Corporation has installed solar arrays and fuel cells. Besides, the company is carrying out renovation projects on its existing buildings while also putting up energy efficient building to assist in realizing minimum energy usage ideal. Data from the companys website show that these projects have enabled Apple Corporation to reduce energy consumption by almost a quarter. Since 2008, Apple products have reduced power consumption by a margin exceeding 40%. This shows the companys commitment to reducing energy usage to become one of the most energy efficient companies across the world.

In a similar style, Samsung Corporation also adopted a number of measures for ensuring energy efficiency over the previous period. Samsung adopted energy management models to utilize energy efficient facilities across all its production plants located across the world. besides, the company also undertook training programs to educate its staff about the significance of using energy efficiently across its operating facilities. Moreover, Samsung has taken a lead role in the implementation of programs that promote internal management of energy within the company. The program dubbed Pre-certification of Energy Efficiency focuses on the energy-consuming devices used internally within the firm to promote energy efficient of the companys operations.

Moreover, in order to prove the companys commitment to reducing amount of energy consumed during operations, Samsung created the ISO 50001, as an international system for managing energy efficiency. Therefore, in the same way as Apple Corporation, Samsung Corporation has recognized the need for clean energy and the company is moving swiftly to adopt it in its operating plants across the world. Besides, Samsung also provides various support initiatives across the world for the adoption of clean energy policies. It is reported that Samsung reduced its fossil fuel by 3.3% in 2014. The company also collaborates with various partners in clean energy initiatives both locally and in the international arena.


Apple Corporation is consistently adopting smaller packaging materials compared to the previous periods. The desire to bring down the amount of carbon emission into the atmosphere is the force behind this initiative. Therefore, the company designs lighter, slim but protective packaging materials. The company believes that undertaking this initiative will assist to reduce wastage as well as the amount of green house gas emission into the atmosphere. In contrast, Samsung does not reduce the size of packaging materials. However, it adopted a policy to collect and recycle its packaging materials. Samsung Corporation finances the collection of these waste packaging materials through its agents located worldwide. The main aim of using this strategy is to ease the influence of these waste materials to the ecology. It is however critical to note that these differences and similarities greatly impact the images of these giant technology firms. Both of these firms also have a solid reputation for being the most innovative firms in the Smartphone's sector.

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