Free Essay Describing William Bradford Personality and Leadership Skills

Published: 2022-11-07
Free Essay Describing William Bradford Personality and Leadership Skills
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Leadership has been seen over the years to have a course in changing history. Many times leaders have displayed different personalities some of which bring good to humanity while some are for destructive purposes. William Bradford is one of the most interesting leaders, an elected governor in American history, whose leadership skills were greatly affected by his personality and the way he was brought up.

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William was born in 1590 at Austerfield, England. Throughout his life, he never anticipated a position in leadership. He was a simple man with a kind heart always on the forefront in helping the sick and scared immigrants into self-supporting citizens. William's parents died when he was young and he was forced to lead a life of being supported by relatives. Having being raised by many relatives, he felt the need to help his fellow men who could be suffering and going through the same problems he went through. His good heart prepared him slowly into leadership where he was elected as the first governor in American history.

Being raised away from his parents, the family bond he lacked played a great role in his spiritual life and a life of determination he led. Most of his relatives raised him with an intention of him being a helper in matters farming. This did not quite happen due to William's constant sickness. Instead, William channelled his efforts into reading books about spirituality. By reading, his intellectual curiosity developed together with his love for the congregation of Separatist. He joined a religious group that was named Pilgrims where his personality was seen to be someone who really conformed in what he believed in.

In his tender age, William Bradford has introduced to the congregation the Separatists which was started from a need to reform from some of the practices the Catholic church had that were not of importance in their spiritual growth. The group dedicated its time to search for religious freedom and it was in this process it was relocated in the year 1608 to Holland. After some time with the leadership of William Bradford, a voyage named Mayflower was planned with the aim of transforming the movement into a political body. His role as a leader was seen in coming up with the Mayflower Compact en route to the New World. He also played a role in deciding the best place where the colony was to be established.

A year later after his arrival, responsibilities befell upon him in the capacity of the colony's governor. His leadership is remembered due to some great characters displayed during his reign. He was honest with extraordinary tact in ensuring the survival of the colony. His skills were of great assistance in the prevention of possible disasters that would have befallen the colony. His determined personality greatly helped in the establishment of religious freedom and self-governing principles.

Lack of enough formal education training never barred William Bradford from being a writer. His passion for reading greatly contributed to his renowned writings Of Plymouth Plantation, which described the occurrences during the colony establishment. He used his local literacy capabilities in writing his books. His determination and confidence in the mission established by the Pilgrims were later felt as his book came to be published years after his death. Alongside writing books, he also criticized the behaviors of the new generation through poems.

In conclusion, William Bradford in all his life showed a firm and determined personality. He was honest and always fought for religious freedom for his people. He served longest in his reign which is attributed to his resolute personality.


Bradford, William, and Morison, Samuel E. (2006) Of Plymouth Plantation, New York

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