Uncorked Ballet - Personal Experience Essay Example

Published: 2022-08-18
Uncorked Ballet - Personal Experience Essay Example
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One afternoon, after having dinner with my husband, I told him: "Hey! You know, I was thinking how we have never been to the ballet before?" He looked at me in a playful way, as if I had said something amusing (in his defense, I did say this out loud and out of nowhere), with a smile he replied to me: "Never, ever!" I found his reaction to being funny at the time, and I could not help to giggle while saying "This could be the first time!"

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The very next day, I decided to look for any Ballet events near to our home location. I went on Google to see if there any available events near or location. After browsing the search engine for a couple of minutes, I found one event near me and it was coming sooner than I thought. I was so excited, since it was my very first time to attend an event such as the ballet, and I decided right there to purchase three tickets for the event one for myself, the other one for my husband (whom I had to convince to go to the ballet) and third one was for my daughter who loved the idea of going to the ballet.

After a couple of hours, I received an email confirmation of the event from the organizers. I immediately noticed from the email that the event was for the "Uncorked at The Abbey". Being unfamiliar with this kind of an event, I went back to the website to get more information about the Uncorked Ballet. I found the following description on the Orlando ballet website: "Uncorked is your chance to see Orlando Ballet's dancers perform up-close-and-personal. Unique features are getting to experience Artistic Director, Robert Hill and a few Orlando Ballet dancers choreograph right in front of you." ("Uncorked At The Abbey - Orlando Ballet"). I was so amazed at my discovery and felt extremely lucky for having the chance to experience something so extraordinary out of luck.

After waiting impatiently for some few days, the day was finally here. I took my daughter and husband to The Abbey for the event as we had planned. My daughter was grinning ear to ear all the way to the ballet, and I was as excited as she was on my own way. My husband looked serene, but I could tell he was also looking forward to the ballet. After reaching the destination, we met with a lot more people that I was expecting, since the event was an informal event. I was also happily surprised that The Abbey had a small bar, and we were allowed to purchase a few drinks while enjoying the event. They had around four rows of front seats and very cute love seats surrounding the stage that made everything look awesome. I loved the idea of having these cute loveseats, so I directed my little family to follow me to take our seats in these cute and comfortable seats, they loved the idea immediately and joined me.

The event was amazing. The dancers opened up the event with a choreography that they had been practicing for a play, and they beautifully performed it. We also met the Artistic Director Robert Hill. He is a very humble and warm person which made him connect with the majority of the audience effortlessly. He explained to us the process of creating these magnificent choreographies, and he even went as far as coming up with a brilliantly improvised choreography right at that moment for us. When I heard what was about to happen, I looked at my husband and he looked back at me, his eyes were filled with surprise as mine probably were too. We watched as the director was giving instructions to the dancers, and sometimes the director would go as far as performing the moves he wanted to dancers to do. The dancers did a wonderful job at following every direction and every suggestion from the director. The audience could tell how passionate each of these dancers was about their performance, and how hard they push themselves to do better every time just by looking at this presentation. Next, the director changed the music to show the audience how this could change the perception of the performance. Indeed, the music gave the presentation a whole new different view. Lastly, the director changed the tempo of the music, and so the dancers had to adjust to the speed of the dance to match the new tempo. Undoubtedly, this was the pinnacle of the whole presentation. The audience erupted into applause and praises for the performance. They were all complimenting the dancers and of course the director for such a magical night.

I feel so happy that I was able to experience something so remarkable and delightful with my own eyes, and in the company of my family. Indeed, it was a magical night for all of us. We enjoyed it so much that we have decided to attend a more formal ballet the next time.

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