Free Essay Example: Win an Inn

Published: 2018-01-07
Free Essay Example: Win an Inn
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I stumbled upon the Center Lovell Inn Essay contest while reading my local daily newspaper online. In the recent past, I have stumbled upon many contests particularly involving essays. However, I never had any interest or the patience to understand what they entail. To be honest, I believe contests are just keen on generating a buzz regarding a certain course. However, this particular essay on Center Lovell Inn caught my eye. Its background story is magical and ignites raw passion regarding how it has changed hands over the years from one owner to another. It embodies a selfless endeavor of individuals that are keen on protecting a legacy and narrative of an inn that is not only a landmark but a representation of what the art of writing can do in its practical context.

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The Center Lovell Inn is classical and looks at home in its location in the mountainous Maine region. Built in 1805, the inn is set in a nine-acre land within a serene environment that captures the marvels of nature (Center Lovell Inn & Bistro). The Kezar Lake stretches in its horizon kissing the azure sky (Center Lovell Inn & Bistro). At least, that is what I imagine the lake looks like from the pictures that I have come across. I must admit I am not a typical observer when it comes to the scenic sites. This explains the short description of the inn as I gather from the pictures online. The inn, however, appeals to me as a history lover and literature student.

I love accounts that are forged in blood and sweat. The bittersweet stories that many people choose to ignore when they stumble upon magnificent end products. The Center Lovell Inn incorporates blood, sweat, and passion by its original owners that established it from scratch with a simple dream of offering bed and breakfast services for revelers. I can imagine the trouble Bill and Susie Mosca went through while starting the business (Seymour 76). The decision to convert the classic mansion into an inn must have been founded on their desire to serve the community as well as meet the insatiable need for bed and breakfast services for many travelers and revelers passing through. The fascinating element of their story is their decision to evoke literature as part of their ownership transfer mechanism. Literature is a vehicle that mirrors the society and what it truly stands for. Thus the contest was a noble idea which set the pace for an innovative system that not only raises the profile of the little-known inn but also gives credence to the hard work injected by the owners of the business.

Being a former hotelier, I believe the Inn would be safe in the hands of an individual that truly understands the hospitality business. I also believe that for such an enterprise to thrive against the backdrop of innovations and hospitality products, authenticity and passion must be present. I represent the latter mentioned qualities. It’s my conviction that the Inn would do well retaining its traditional elements to continue appealing to history lovers as well as travelers that would love to share in the magic that is Center Lovell Inn. The inn deserves an owner that understands the treasure trove it is. I would not change anything regarding the inn but rather try to continue making it an integral aspect of the Maine community. I would involve the local farmers and suppliers to ensure that I continue the Mosca legacy that is centered in simplicity and authenticity (Seymour 87). However, in the quest to pay homage to the wordsmiths and literal gurus that have put their talents in attempting to win the contest, I would create a writer’s lounge within the inn. It is this lounge that monthly writer’s discourse can take place. This would be the tribute of some sort to individuals keen on fusing their literal gifts with the culinary aspects linked with the establishment. The celebration of literature would suffice as the many ways as an owner I would love to keep the Mosca dream for the inn alive.

I think my win would also be good for the Lakeside town. Being a social individual, I would put my interpersonal skills in forging ties with the local community members. I believe by engaging this demography would do well for not only the business but also the much-needed goodwill to be a good custodian the vintage establishment. The ties would also create a social buffer zone for the enterprise in the face of any unforeseeable danger. I believe the Maine community just like local communities believes in the synergy of togetherness.

I would love to look at the inn as not only a business but also a critical cog in the community’s support system. With my helm at the inn, my focus will be to empower the local community through employment and business. To many, particularly, those versed in corporate business jargon this may be dubbed as a mere corporate social responsibility. However, this goes beyond emulation of competitive business strategies. It is more of being at home in a community that has played host to the Center Lovell Inn since 1805 (Seymour 87). It is the small ways that as a thankful individual and a businessman, I can connect with the spirits to all goodhearted Maine residents that let the business thrive and pursue its mandate despite the many challenges that might have been witnessed by the last owners. I would veer off from the tradition of sourcing personnel from distant towns. Instead, the vacancies and openings would be availed to the sons and daughters of Maine to ensure that they can support their families and maybe create other establishments such as Center Lovell which will create a domino-effect of opportunities for many others just like them.

My passionate appeal to the judging panel is to consider my application. Making me an owner of the inn would be a dream come true as a former hotelier, and a lover of history. My hospitality skills will ensure that the Inn maintain its standards as well as fuse key strategies that will not only make it a top destination for revelers but also a celebrated institution. I will make certain, as aforementioned, that the inn retains its authentic qualities that endear it to its target clientele. I would seek to retain the traditional meals that will be integral in retaining the Maine experience for tourists. As a lover of history, and by extension literature, I would use the inn to celebrate its literal roots with other individuals that appreciate the Mosca tradition of fusing business with the art of penning thoughts and desires-individuals that are passionate enough to discern contests that are worth a try since they embody not only material benefits but also artistic satisfaction.

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