Free Essay on The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Novel

Published: 2019-09-30
Free Essay on The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Novel
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Why does Oscar need to keep up with the social life

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Oscar needs to keep up with the social life because social life seems to be the order of the day at the institution where he is learning from. He holds a wrong perception that being social is about how many wives that an individual has as can be seen in his decision to marry Maritza and Ana. He also needs to adopt to the social life because it will enable him to put at bay the bad influences that the social life that is around him seems to be bringing to his life at the moment.

a) How I would expect the outcome of the contradiction that is being portrayed by Oscar (Predicting the next Chapter)

Being an individual who is nerdy, there is a necessity that Oscar chooses the best friends to be amidst at any given time for the period that he is in school. However, he is seen portraying a contradictive figure that truly signifies a looming consequence for him. One can surely say that, just like his close conglomerates whom he is associating with now, have a deep desire for sex, for love and unrelated academic stuff, Oscar will ultimately develop the desire to engage in sex and to look for a lady who would love him. His academic performance will ultimately go down.

3. a) What is a stereotype

A stereotype is an image that is widely held but is fixed and is oversimplified or some idea of some particular type of an individual or a thing.

b) How stereotype has played a role in the story

This story has shown numerous instances of the use of stereotype. However, the main stereotype surrounds Oscars desire to indulge in a social life. The story portrays Oscar to have had so much thought concerning this issue, the issue of love. It is the issue of living a social life that forces Oscar to start having a love affair with the ladies as shown in the story. The stereotype here is that the story talks about an image of Oscar urge to live a social life, but opts to hide behind his show of love.

4, a) Is Oscar bullied at his school?

Yes, Oscar is being bullied at his current school

b) A brief explanation of if Oscar is bullied

The bullying that he gets at school is not the physical bullying that all of us are conversant with but a psychological one. He is being bullied to adapt to the social life that seems to be the order of the day at his school. This is also seen by the struggle he shows of adapting to the modern life at school. His bullying even forces him to marry two wives as a show of being civilized. This is something that distracts him to an extent of writing a fantasy fiction, which the author notes that is the only moment that Oscar enjoys the moment of being social.

5. List some themes that you discover so far in the novel.

The first theme that has been shown is bravery; this far is Oscar is a brave man. This is shown by the step that he took off searching for a girlfriend although he was only a junior at the Don Bosco School. The next theme that has been portrayed is that of Dominican masculinity. This has been shown in the introductory sentences of the first chapter. This is seen in the bad lack that Oscar experiences with women, his lack of being aggressive and the obsession he has with the Genre, which characterizes him as being an outsider. Oscar is also seen being teased by his fellow college mates as, youre not Dominican. There is also the theme of love.

Oscar as a Character and Theme of Love

6. What are some noteworthy characteristics of Oscar, in addition to or elaborating on his large size and nerdy addiction to reading?

The first characteristic that Oscar shows is that he is a brave man. We see this when, after seeing Al and Miggs acquire girlfriends who are their senior in school within the school, this makes him feel out of place, hence he decides to get a girlfriend. This is a show of bravery. Oscar also shows that he is a lovable man. Ana confesses when asked why she cant stop loving Oscar that, I know I should, but I cant. This is shown by the love that exists between him and Ana. Oscar is also a writer. He manages to write a fiction fantasy. A simple word.Zafa. These characters really portray Oscar as a complete person.

7. What are some other themes you find in the reading so far? How will these themes affect Oscar and other characters behaviors and thoughts in the following chapters?

Another theme that I find is the theme of love. This seems to be at the center of the whole story. In the first case we find that Ana was an initial girlfriend to Manny when Manny went away, she fell in love with Oscar, however, when Manny comes back, she again desires to go back to him. The next theme that is shown is unfaithfulness. This is also shown in the case that surrounds the love affair between Manny and Ana. Ana is not faithful enough to Manny, when he is away, Manny too is seen cheating on Ana.

8. Open analysis of any part of the text

Analysis of.I know I should, but I cant.

This is a stamen that was made by Ana referring to her inability to break up with Manny. This was after she realized that Manny was cheating on her. When he was asked why she could not just let their relationship go by due to Mannys unfaithfulness, she is quoted as saying the above-stated statement. This shows that she truly loved Manny, to an extent that she knew that there was a need of breakup, and she was unable to accomplish it.

9. Does your culture have a fuku? If so, describe him or her.

Our culture does not have a fuku.

10. What do you think of the conspiracy version Diaz has for JFKs assassination?

The conspiracy version Diaz might portray so many ways to show the assassination of JFK. The first one might be that the occurrence might have been an inside job. For instance, the conspiracy might argue that JFK might have been killed by his own governments top officers as a result of the policy that he held concerning the involvement of America in the Vietnam war.

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