Why Is Abortion Not Good? Check the Answer in Our Free Essay

Published: 2022-04-06
Why Is Abortion Not Good? Check the Answer in Our Free Essay
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Over the years, one of the most heated debates that have taken center stage in the world regards abortion. Some of the people believe that abortion is not right and should not be done by anyone regardless of the situation; however, others support the action and believe that it is not entirely wrong to abort. Personally, I believe that the fundamental right to live should be given to anyone and everyone. The same should apply to a fetus as well since they also deserve to get the opportunity that other people have been given. Though abortion may be useful especially when deciding who should live between the mother and the child, it should never be an automatic choice for anyone. As a result, this discussion will identify some of the resilient reasons as to why abortion is not good and should be made illegal not only in the country but the entire world as well.

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Right to life

One of the main reason as to why abortion should be illegal is because everyone has an equal right to life. Though some may argue that the fetus has not yet become human, it is important to note that a human fetus is a human being only that it is at its earliest stages of development. After fertilization, a unique human individual with distinctive genetic identity is created with a genetic combination that remains unchanged over life. There is no distinguishable difference between a person today and the fetus they were before their birth. Had parents decided that the fetus was not worth living, then no one would be alive today. And some of the remarkable things that they have brought to life over the years would not have been raised as well.

The fact that the fetus is a 'potential human being' gives it the right to be treated like a human being and given the right to live just like any other human being. Though some of the people have consistently argued out the difficulty exhibited in deciding the stage at which a fetus is defined to be alive, however, it should be noted that this does not indicate that they do not have a right to life. In addition, the fetus is always defined as a special being and life that is only dependent on the mother for some time before conception, therefore, it should not be treated as if it does not belong to the world. Therefore, the fetus should be accorded to the same rights to life like anyone else.

Health Complications to Women

A number of women that have undergone abortion have indicated that they were unable to conceive more babies in the future after going through some health complications that are mostly irreversible. Most of the practices end up ruining the womb in the long-term so that the women cannot get the children once they decide it is the right time to do so. Such a future could be painful and unimaginable for the women knowing that they wasted their opportunity. In addition, surgical abortion has also been indicated to result in health problems including scarred tissues in the uterus, which could be very painful for them. Besides, it could make their menstrual cycles very painful as well and also result in infertility or instigate future miscarriages as well.

Though some of the people may argue in favor of abortion, it is important to note that abortion may bring about serious health complications to the women. In fact, women undergoing abortion are usually never the same. Most of them are likely to suffer subsequent depression after terminating a pregnancy. In fact, as compared to women that carry their pregnancy up to birth, those that terminate their pregnancy are more likely to commit suicide at one point in their life. Other than that, the women have a greater chance of being sad, feeling regret and experiencing stress in the future. Such a consequence should not be borne by one person, instead, the women should be protected from themselves and given the opportunity to live a life without such regrets whatsoever.

Decreases population

Abortion directly affects the number of births in a country or a state. In 2014, the total number of abortions that were successfully carried out was about 652,000. The city of Memphis has a population of about 652,717 people. The number of unborn babies that were terminated is about the size of a whole city. Clearly, this is an alert call for people in support of abortion. All these could have become influential people in the society that could help increase the population in the country that could have served important roles for the society. However, having been denied the chance, an entire city of children has been destroyed. In addition, the abortions have significantly reduced the number of adoptable babies in the country. The unborn babies could have been put up for adoption since many people would want to have the chance to conceive babies yet they have not been given the opportunity to do so. Instead of abortion, the women should be encouraged to give birth and give up their children for adoption, which will increase the number of adoptable children and increase the population as well.


Clearly, adoption should not be an option for any woman unless the pregnancy is likely to cause their death. In fact, it should not only be discouraged, but abortion should be made illegal since it is a denial of the people's right to live. Three main reasons have been identified as the main reasons as to why adoption should be discouraged. The first one is that abortion denies the fetus the right to live, the second indicates that abortion could complicate the health of a woman and finally, it actively reduces the population of a country.

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