Who Is a Good Parent? Essay Example

Published: 2020-02-19
Who Is a Good Parent? Essay Example
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Many people would like to be good parents. However, the meaning of good parent is usually misunderstood by many people. In this paper, the meaning of a good parent is discussed while at the same time explaining why some people are not likely to accept the definition.

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In the first place, a good parent is the one who is able to provide for the various basic needs of the child. This means that they should provide the right food, shelter and clothes for the children. This requires that individuals work hard to acquire the necessary resources that are required to provide the needs.

In addition to the provision of basic needs, good parents help their children achieve their career goals considering the talent that the children have (Fontenelle, 2001). There are talented children who fail to achieve life time goals because of the lack of support by their parents.

Good parenting requires that children receive necessary care and love. This means that parents should spend reasonable time with their children to answer the various questions that such children have. This requires that individuals that parents avoid emotions and instead guide their children in various issues (Fontenelle, 2001). This ensures that the children grow up to be confident individuals in the society. Confidence can help the children live better lives in various environments.

The children have to be guided on what is wrong and what is right. It is the duty of the parents to do this and not anyone else. Some parents hire individuals to care for their children. Such people may not guide the children in the appropriate way and this makes the children copy deviant behaviour and become criminals in the future (Estey, 2014). Since the children respect the parents more, there is a need to ensure that the parents spend time to guide the children on what is right and what is wrong.

As a good parent, one need to listen to the children and this makes them feel appreciated. After listening to them, there is a need to respond to the issues they raise. This involves guiding the children so that they become respectful to the others. Doing this makes the parents develop trust in their children even after they are far away from them (Estey, 2014). The children also develop trust in their parents. In future, such children become independent individuals in their lives. The parents do not have to support such children forever.

For the working class individuals who have less time with their children, they are more likely to reject the definition and treat it with suspicion. They are likely to argue that good parenting requires that parents support the children by giving them all what they need. This requires such parents to work hard for long hours and this may separate them from their children (Fontenelle, 2001). However, this definition is wrong because such children are likely to develop deviant behaviour and become less independent. Such children can face challenges if they are not supported by their parents even at an old age.

In conclusion, good parenting has no formula or proper definition and this makes it difficult for people to achieve the same. However, it is recommendable that parents give the necessary moral, material and psychological support to their children. They should always guide them to grow to confident, independent, loving and respectful individuals in the society.


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