Comparing Ocean's Eleven and Twelve Movie. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-09-30
Comparing Ocean's Eleven and Twelve Movie. Free Essay.
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Oceans Eleven is one of the films that has been remade into a better and more appealing film. It consists of a very large cast, but its theme is stable through ought its remakes. The film stands out for me because it provides an inquisitive thrill that most people desire when walking through the doors of a cinema. The films ability to retain its high profile list of actors also shows why it is a box office achievement. Filmed at a time when many films portrayed a lot of action, the film depicted a twist in the manner in which it incorporated the aspect of humor and technology intelligence. This paper provides a similarity analysis of Oceans eleven and twelve.

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The first similarity between both films is that they involve modern intelligence at an older setting. In Oceans Eleven, we see the character of Rusty Ryan played by Brad Pitt as that of an individual well versed in the underground tactics of making fast money. He realizes his potential in such business, and that is why even after Danny Ocean approaches him with a crazy idea and he dismisses it at first, he takes a short time before deciding whether he can do it. Throughout the film, his brilliant modern intelligence helps each member walk away with nineteen million dollars. In Oceans, twelve, the same theme of modern intelligence is depicted in the start of the film when the character Benedict, played by Andy Garcia makes a call to each member involved in the heist at his casino. To understand the theme here, one needs to keep in mind the availability of resources required to track people at such a time. Also, the setting provided the audience of the first film with the guarantee that the robbers could not be discovered in any way. The second movie, however, emphasizes the opposite.

The second similarity depicted in the movies is the emphasis placed on three characters, namely Ryan, Danny, and Linus. Danny and Ryan have the past, which is clearly emphasized at the start of Oceans Eleven. They are also the founders of the plan to conduct the heist, which gives them authority over other team members. This fact is highlighted when Ryan discovers that the wife of the Benedict is familiar to Danny, yet he failed to mention it to him. When he confronts him, he does so in private while other members wait for their verdict. Linus is the younger member of the group whom both Ryan and Danny treat as a rookie. He shows up in most scenes performing much of the plan with both Danny and Ryan. Even in the end, the trio is seated at the same airport before they part ways. In Oceans Twelve, the same trio becomes known again, when Linus begins by asking Ryan for a central role because he believes he can manage it. Ryan declines. This portrays him as the rookie being trained by the professionals. Dannys new partner, who is also Benedicts former partner, is threatened at the beginning of the film, and this makes Danny insecure. Therefore, throughout the film, he is concerned about keeping his girlfriend safe and getting his team out of a dilemma. Ryan, on the other hand, has developed a relationship with an FBI agent who is willing to get his team arrested if she catches them engaging in federal crimes.

The third similarity is that in both films, the team is working towards achieving a similar goal. In Oceans Eleven, all the members are thrilled by the imagination of owning nineteen million dollars. This is because at the start of the film, each character is analyzed individually as well as their tactics and each of them has a need for money. This makes them corporative as ever. In Oceans Twelve, the team has encountered a serious dilemma that involves all of them. To get themselves out of the dilemma, they shall need to corporate like they did while conducting the heist. This makes the theme of purpose more dominant than the crime.

These similarities make the films use of eleven characters to conduct money and jewelry worth the money and time spent in putting together such a movie. Moreover, they make it worth the audiences time and money too.

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