White Rock Marketing Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-04
White Rock Marketing Essay Sample
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SWOT analyses reveal that White Rock has a unique brand; it is among the oldest beverage companies in America. Thus, it understands the market. The American upper class also identifies with its brands. However, the company cannot survive by targeting the upper class alone. Besides, it faces a challenge of differentiating its brands from that of its competitors. Apparently, White Rock has used market segmentation without assuming the efficiency, manageability and effectiveness of its intended market activities. Therefore, the company has segmented its customers geographically by selling its products directly to some distributors and retailers. It has also repackaged its juices into different box sizes to target both higher and lower income consumers (Johnson, 1971). Moreover, since consumers have varying tastes, White Rock is proceeding to acquire Olde Brooklyns flavors to increase its customer base. Hence, White Rock has combined market segmentation with product differentiation strategy to launch a product strategy. The firm has also focused on a particular customer base thus carving out a niche against it competitors (Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). Hence, White Rock is embarking on market segmentation to survive.

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White Rock has also used the marketing mix of price, product, promotion and place to design and execute a survival plan for its success. The company has used the tool of the marketing mix to satisfy both itself and the customers. White Rock has entirely focused on its clients. Therefore, it has proceeded to develop a market mix strategy by targeting health food segment as its unique selling point. It has also realized that the American high class cannot sustain its business hence, understanding its customers and the competition. Through that understanding, the company has created a range of brands with different tastes, sizes and prices. The approach has helped the company to minimize costs and increase sales. Thirdly, it has ensured that its products are readily available by selling them either directly to its distributors or at the retail shops. Finally, White Rock has adapted its authentic brand image as a promotional point for its products. It is also using its position as one of the oldest beverage enterprises in America to relate with its customers. Therefore, through marketing mix, White Rock has executed a perfect survival plan. However, it is better for the company to adopt television adverts to promote its brands (Gronroos, 2006).

Hence, through market segmentation, White Rock can survive. Other than focusing on high-class customers alone, it is now targeting other classes of consumers. It is also acquiring major brands to increase its distribution. Finally, it has used the four Ps to develop and execute its survival plan.


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